Sunday, August 09, 2015

Celebrating Singapore's 50th National Birthday!

Singapore gained independence 50 years ago today, and our whole nation is celebrating our Jubilee Birthday this entire weekend
Happy Birthday Singapore!

I was surprised that today my Google page showed this image. (it probably only shows up if you are googling from Singapore?)

It's titled "Next 50, our first world Singapore" by Moh Journ Hadyn, 8. Wow, awesome work, Hadyn!

As a memory keeper, I was delighted when we received a pack of stickers in the mail, titled
  'What make us, us?

Although we are a young modern cosmopolitan society made up of different races and cultures, we have developed some uniquely Singaporean ways, foods, lingo, ways that gives us an identity! As the pack said it, we have countless quirks and peculiar ways all our own. No one else in the world does it like us. Very much worth scrapbooking! So I decided to give our own take on What Makes Us, Us? using the stickers in my Project Life Album.

Project Life - how we live

I like sharing things Singaporean on my blog, as most of my readers are not from my part of the world. You may not understand what I'm talking about, or it may be fun to you. So here goes.

Have you scrapbooked your town, city, region, the way you do things that no one else in the world does? I'm glad I did!

If you are interested in other uniquely Singaporean icons and trademarks, read this fun take: 

Special SG 50 Lego Set
As part of the celebrations, all Singaporean students were gifted with a commemorative Lego Set, called Building My SG: Reflect, Celebrate, Inspire. It comes with 244 pieces and two minifigs, and can be built into three Singapore landmarks:  the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay, the Cavenagh Bridge and the Changi Control Tower at our Airport. What a wonderful gift to the young people!

When Jared received his set at school, the teachers gave them time to make their creations, and he promptly made this minifig-operated robot from it. 

SG50 Lego Robot Creation

SG50 Lego Masterpiee - Robot

SG50 Lego Robot Creation

And a day later, we discovered he had made a stop-motion video with it - I think the Ministry of Education doesn't mind - the SG50 robot wins the battle and salutes Singapore with pride!

Cool right? His own comments on the video: "SG-50 Mecha, built entirely with half the parts of one "Build my Singapore" set. Stop motion hastily done and cheap effects added in Photoshop" Well this proud mama won't call it that, I thought it was way cool :)

Hope you enjoyed that. We are spending the entire weekend with family and friends. Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Enjoy the Jubilee Weekend :) love this post! Drea

  2. I'm a few days late, but happy anniversary to Singapore! :) I found this post very interesting. The stickers and page you made with them are really cool. And how awesome that all the students received a commemorative Lego set!! That's amazing! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I love that you found it interesting. I do love to tell a bit of my Singapore to my online friends. Yes, the Lego gift was awesome. All students from primary to tertiary received a set!!

  3. That was an amazing vid. I can't imagine what he could do with time and better effects if that was quick and cheap. Very impressed.



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