Sunday, November 23, 2008

School Holidays are Here

School holidays are here - it's the end of the school year and we have 7 weeks of hols till school start in Jan. The boys are home - and that means trouble!! Well, I've been getting like 10 calls in one morning when I'm at work - to settle disputes, listen to their complaints about the other, trying to make things "fair" ..etc! I need to find them something to do! Then I had a great idea, for 3 days they sorted through all their toys, into piles to give away, to throw away, and into neat / sorted to play piles. I told them if there is no space for new toys, then there will be no new toys (for christmas)!! It worked!

To their surprise they found so much they thought were gone forever, or had even forgotten. Jared found so many of his Lego mini-figures, he was delighted! And I had fun too playing mix and match with their hats, weapons, body suits, etc... haha this is the lot of the poor mama who has no daughters nor barbie to play with . lol!

Well, I am really coming to the end of my US trip photos. In fact, just in time, because in 10 days we are leaving for our first ever trip to Japan!!!I know it's recession and all that, but we booked it before the financial crisis played out, and also we had frequent flyer miles from our last trip, so it was not as expensive as it could have been. And we really scrimped and saved for it!

These photos are from our last day at Universal Studios - the wonderfully whimsical Dr Seuss Land.Credits: Pink paper by Ziggles Designs, lined paper by Robin Carlton, alpha by Lauraskathi, flowers by cinnamondesigns.
And then these photos are from our last day back in Washington, spent exploring Harpers' Ferry - am almost surreal time, quietly and thoughtfully spent, compared to the breakneck pace of the last week in Orlando!Credits: Paper from Faith Sisters Collab, leaves by Kim B, all other elements by cinnamon designs

These templates can be found here

I realised after all the double pages, I needed a single page for the last page of the album I'm making. So this is what I came up withCredits: Paper by Meredith Fernwick, elements by Cinnamon Designs, words by Chantal.This template is now available as a set in the store HERE

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A blog award! Some replies, and more inspiration!

Yesterday Ryan had his chance to dress up when he went to a friend's fancy dress birthday party. Guess what was the only character he was willing to go as? A scientist! DH borrowed a lab coat and goggles for him, and he was voted best dressed by his friends. Amazing! And he was so happy that he won a prize of a Risk Game set, his favourite board game. He looks so big in these photos! Can you believe he'll only turn twelve next January? My baby is all grown up!!

Oh! I'm very honored to have been presented with a blog award. The very creative Livia as well as Christine presented me with this! Thank you ladies! It's so nice to be nominated :)

The award calls for a list of 7 things I love or am thankful for, that's easy!
1. I'm so thankful for my Lord and God who has rescued me and blessed me beyond words can describe. Thank you Lord.
2. Very thankful for my husband of (nearly) 15 years, who is also my friend of 27 years! Although we did nothing much to deserve it, God has blessed us with an incredible marriage. His words to me for my last birthday were, 'grow old with me, the best is yet to be'.
3. I love my children of course, although they give me equal amounts of joy and stress, what would I be without being their mom? The best job there is, for me at least.
4. I'm thankful for my part time job, I'm facing risk of layoffs in this climate, but still, to have had this part time position for the last five years has been so great for the social/financial front and the home front.
5. Currently, watching Japanese and Korean romantic comedy tv series with dh - we are at it practically every night ;p
6. My collection of rings, mostly costume, semi-precious, vintage flea market finds, but all huge!
7. My digiscrapping hobby, my creative outlet, recording memories, my blog, my store, and ALL of YOU!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Be Yourself Day

Tonight our news is full of the US Election results! Although we do not know much about US politics, we followed this elections with interest. We pray that Mr Obama will lead with wisdom and understanding and insight and foresight. What a historic time we live in! And amidst all of this, we carry on our ordinary lives, :)

Yesterday was "Be Yourself Day" in local schools. Instead of the school uniform they wear everyday, the boys get to choose to dress up as anything they like, preferably dressing up with recycled stuff instead of bought costumes. We don't celebrate Halloween here, so this promised to be fun.

True to form (or rather, their personalities), Ryan did not want to dress up but went as 'himself', donning his usual weekend clothes. Jared, on the other hand, had high hopes of going as "obi one kenobi", and drew up an elaborate list of costume bits, including a brown 'cloak' I was supposed to sew for him and a beard he was going to devise out of cotton wool and wires! After much trying out, he went as Luke Skywalker, wearing my t-shirt, his brother's socks, my belt, and the rest of his own stuff. He was rather pleased with it, except that he did not have blond hair and wore glasses. :)

This brings me to this week's layout from Orlando, this one where Jared got to fulfill his dreams and got a stint at the Jedi Academy where they train padawan. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for him! Can you spot him? He's one of the tiniest one in orange T and blue jeans.

Credits: Background paper by Digital Couture designs, button by Debra Tope, so cool label by Ksharonk, word tags by Dani Mogstad, twine by natalie,

Speaking of being yourself, on dh's birthday two weeks ago, his young colleagues got him a new 'new age' man's bag, how do I describe it, like a much smaller messenger bag, that had a rounded bottom. It had a flap that was velcro closured too! I love my dh for many things, one of which is him being a man, leaving the dressing up and carrying bags to me! So I teased him no end on his 'carrying a sissy bag', and when Ryan came into the conversation, he asked, "what are you talking about?" and topped it off by "oh, you mean this purse?" !!!! Even dh laughed out loud at that one! Oh, he is still carrying the 'purse', by the way.. he says he is man enough :)

The next two layouts were of the day we spent at Island of Adventure, though we did not take any of the extreme thrill rides, we were thrilled alright, and had loads of fun!
Credits: black & white doodled border by Emily Merritt, circles and splash paper cuts by Dani Mogstad, striped paper by Jackie Eckles, background paper by Emily Giovanni

As usual, the above layouts templates are availablehere! Thanks for looking!

Credits: Background paper by Emily Giovanni, red paint by Rachel Young, mesh by Carrie Stephens, foil stars by Dani Mogstad.

This template is now available as a set in the store HERE


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