Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wrapping up 2015

I love this period when we move from the previous into the new year. Both the looking back, remembering, reflecting and giving thanks for the year past; as well as the looking forward, planning for, prayers and hope for the new year. Of course, for me these are all done through scrapbooking!

Part I - Wrapping up 2015

As I looked back through 2015, I see my title page and this verse:

The Lord's loving kindnesses
indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness
Lamentations 3:22-23

Indeed the Lord's faithfulness are new every morning!
In 2015 I lost a very dear friend, mentor and sister to cancer, had to deal with an auto-immune disorder amongst other stresses, while my sons both graduated from their respective schools and we are thrown into the exciting and bewildering state of changes, choices, decisions! What a year of walking with our God, seeing His guidance, feeling His love, understanding His Truths, strengthened for the journey, and blessed by all counts. Some of this is private, and I no longer share as freely on the blog, but really want to praise our God for all He led us through in 2015.

Reviewing the year as I looked back through my project life album, I journalled these highlights of 2015, and welled up in thankfulness for His faithfulness. It is so important for myself and our family that all of this is recorded and here it goes into one the last page protector of my album (below)

(The highlights of this year also include the arrival of our two grand nephews!)

Have you journalled and reviewed your year and included the testimony in your scrapbooks?

Completing my 2015 album is the best feeling ever! I did a bit of catch up with Nov and Dec month-in-reviews

I also caught up on the pocket pages by only completing a couple of spreads for each month

One of the highlights was my sons' high school graduation - congratulations Ryan!

And our two new grand nephews! I am feeling a tad old, haha!
Lots of journaling added to record stories, moments, laughs that we shared as a family included too

The scoop on Jared's stint teaching primary school girls the basics of 3D modelling!

And in some sort of tradition (3rd time now) I recorded the 'Favorites' of our family circa 2015.
The empty nest will very soon be upon us and I want to remember simple things like this! See the past years' versions here and here.

Printed Month-in-Review pages

My monthly in review pages have been printed (by Persnickety) and have taken their awesome place in my Project Life album! 
The monthly reviews show daily photos of our day-to-day occupations and pre-occupations, doings and happenings, while the pocket pages tell stories  - special, funny, traditions, once-off, insider jokes, anything I fancy we will love to read and remember one day!

Japan in Review
I wanted to include some photos of, to mark our Japan holiday in my 2015 album (since I've already journalled my Midori-travelers-notebook and will also be making a photo album for it), so I created this 12x12 page - I call it - Japan in review  :)

At a glance, the highlights of this absolutely amazing trip! You can read more in my last post, but can you tell we visited and experienced a lot of different aspects of Japan!

Loved this format so I created a few more 'In Review' templates. Am thinking of using it for other in review pages. Eg, Ryan's High school life, Beaches we have visited, Date night selfies, cool right?

You can find this set in the store. Thanks for looking and continually letting me create what I love, and supporting what I do for my favorite (and only) hobby!!


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