Monday, July 28, 2008

Soaking it Up

I'm really enjoying scrapping through our trip to the US, remembering the sights and how we felt with the boys and dh. But this week's layouts especially was about soaking it up. But more on that later.

Just want to say a BIG thanks to all your feedback about how you organise! I had so much fun reading (especially Donna's !) and am slightly embarassed that some of you actually think of trying out my very non-digital way of organising.. lol... I stuck to it because I started before I was aware of any software, and also as Sara said, I like to thumb through it, and carry it with me around the house. To answer some one who actually asked me to elaborate, I copy the kit previews into a Word document, along with the name the kit is listed in my folder (when i download, I make sure I name it along with the designer's name so it is easier to give credit later). When I'm doing a layout, I flag out potential kits with a post-it (yeah!) and then go to my folders at one go to try them all out on the layout. Actually I'm so impressed by Donna and those who actually tag each kit and each item in each kit in ACDSee, I WISH I had that! I'm seriously interested in Christie's way of organising the previews in iphoto (I could probably do it in Bridge), then I could save lots of Ink!!
One last point, I am trying to cut down on my freebie downloading and kit buying - both for time sake and for organising sake .... it's not easy ! :>

Now about the layouts. This first one was very difficult to do. How do I give the right feeling to a layout of Ground Zero?? Dh gave me the idea of turning the photos black and white leaving a hint of color. What do you think?

But mostly doing this layout brought much thoughts. Here's the journaling for my layout:
We will never forget turning on CNN that night, and thinking is this a movie, hearing the unbelievable news, then watching as the second plane hit the towers, live. The boys were babies then, but we were determined that all of us visit Ground Zero.. When we got there, I remember thinking the place is so huge. It seemed so unreal that this is where it all happened, and now everything is going on around it, except for that gaping space. We read all the words at the temporary memorial, then proceeded to St Paul’s Chapel Church. How movingly and simply the human spirit is captured here. The victim’s photos, their family’s words, the badges of helpers, teddy bears donated, pews with marks that they slept on, paper cranes from japanese people,, including survivors of Hiroshima, and posters, caps, from all people over the world to say how they feel.. We savored every bit to keep in our hearts, the boys spent more time at the information booths. So glad we made it.
Credits: Background papers by Matahati Designs’ It’s a Charmed Life, (so sorry, I can’t recall which kit I got the overlay from !), word tags from Kasharonk’s Grunge City, swirls by Nkubo, metal charm and brads by Lisa Sisneros, flowers from Mary’s Scrapgalerie, vintage heart by Gina Cabrera, flower by Lisa Hankins.

This second layout is of random photos of us wondering in NYC. We were just soaking it in. Many times when we were there dh said to us, 'soak it in!' or 'suck it all in!' and Ryan would take a literal deep breath of the air and everything, so we won't forget....
Credits: background paper by Sarah Belle, orange heart and ring ribbon by Mira Designs, black alpha by Gina Marie, hanging tag by GG Digital Designs, floral swirl by Melanie Johnson

As usual, the templates for these layouts are available in the store here Thanks for looking!

Now I don't know why all these layouts turned out to be on black background! I'm just going through a phase I guess, lol. This one is self explanatory.
Credits: glittery letters by Emily Merritt Designs, squares overlay by Robyn England, background paper by Laren Reid, word art by Jackie Eckles

This template will be available in the store soon

Monday, July 21, 2008


Am taking a break to organise my gigantic stash of digital kits. It is very important that I can see quickly what I have, so that I am able to maximise the use of all the papers, elements, alphas, etc on my layouts. You might have noticed that I mix stuff from all kits on my layouts depending on the color and look I have in mind. And I've a good old system of organising them: I print out all the previews and put them in a ring file! haha, sophiscated right? This is what it looks like:

I know there are programs to do this, but I guess I'm stuck in my old ways. It works for me! But it takes me a while to do all the previews, so I tend to let it run a few months, and then do them all at a go. And because I'm also a great freebie hunter, plus I do buy kits I really like (I think more than 80% of my layouts are from free stuff though) my ring file is now 1 inch thick!! It's my treasure trove :) !
How do you organise your digital kits ?
Last week I posted the wonderful poem by Mother Teresa, and Christie shared with me this lovely layout she made. I just love it! Thanks, Christie!

And here are some layouts by awesome ladies that I must share with you: These first two are by Sarah Belle of the moms of multiples club that she is in. Aren't they absolutely darlings? And Sarah makes awesome kits that she generously shares on her blog, check her blog out here
Here's an awesome layout by Livia who made this layout of her hometown Brazil - breathtaking, isn't it? And finally four layouts by the talented Melinda Staley, see the wonderful and rich details on all her gorgeous layouts!

Thanks ladies for allowing me to share your talents with us, and encouraging me. It really makes me very happy to see layouts made with my templates, you know :P

Anyways I was thinking to make you a quick template by tweaking one of the earlier ones, and then got carried away using it to make a layout for myself. (So far I've always made the layout then the template). It was fast! All done in an hour! So here is my latest layout and a 12 x 12 template for those of you who prefer them. Enjoy!
>Credits: paper by Chere Kaye, alpha by Natalie Braxton, chain, stamped star, and denim star, all from Miss Mint's WildWeekend This template will be available in the store soon

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last week's post was on Firsts. Our first experience with snow was so exciting, we took nearly 100 photos, during that one day, and in fact that two hours or so we spent at Central Park. lol. See how I filled 3 more layouts with them below. My friend Kate wrote me and said "It's always magical!" I love that! I hope Ryan remember the joy of his first ride, every time he rides. And so far I see Jared still excitedly openning his Lego Mindstorm box the moment he gets home from school. And I still get very happy every time I think I nailed it on a layout! May we all enjoy our joys as if they were the first time!

But try something different as well, I loved Ramie's firsts: 'Some recent firsts here: surprised hubby at the airport with a weekend getaway, and got to show him (for the first time) the landscaping we had done last spring (he was deployed)' way to go Ramie! How special is that? And if you need some lifting up, and haven't seen Matt's video, check it out here

The other day I went over to my friend Tink's Blog and her blog prompt for the day was 'If someone asked for your advice on life, what ONE WORD would you choose to share with them and why?' and her advice? LIVE .Got me thinking. And I found this, by Mother Teresa:

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
" — Mother Teresa

For me, this verse from John 10:10 has been so true for me: Jesus said, ..." I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly." and John 7: 37,38 ..." iIf anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."

Whatever it means to you, take Tink's advice, live!

And here are the layouts I completed this week:

Credits: Credits: Background paper, ribbon, jewelled snow flake, snowborder, all from Miss Mint’s Winter Snowflake kit, the tinier snow flakes are by Pam Lefors’ winter in july kit.

Credits: Background paper from Bluesies by Shawna Clingerman, paper trees by Nathy Geuens, snowflake border from Miss Mint’s Winter snowflake, ‘perfect’ word by Chantal.

The templates for these layouts are available in the store here

This template will be available in the store soon

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Two of the layouts I completed this week had 'First' in the title! That led me to think a bit about firsts. Firsts are usually wonderful, memorable experiences like our first encounter with snow, and our first night in NY, and I scrapbook these so we won't forget how we felt.

The children have more firsts by virtue of their age, and just for the record (or, my records), some that come to mind, Jared just received his first Lego Mindstorm set (bought 2nd hand over ebay with my scrapbook design takings, thanks ladies!), bought (finally) his Insaniquarium PC game from his savings, had his first taste of dried and roasted cuttlefish at suntec mall today. Now Ryan had a memorable first 3 weeks ago when he finally rode a two wheeled bicycle on his own! It was a struggle for him and us, he has some difficulties with motor skills and we felt we had to force him to it. It was not without tears and much arguments (and 2 years) but the joy on his face when he finally rode off with Jared (competitively, even) was worth it all.

Ryan is generally someone who doesn't like change, well, he is from a family who likes routine. For eg, when we eat out, we go to the same few places all the time, even order the exact same item on the menu most of the time. LOL. When I ask dh what are the recent firsts in his life, most of it revolves new changes at work, and the same is true for me! We don't like the stress, but I'm reminded of Ryan, that the results may surprise us. Especially when we are praying and know that the good Lord is watching over us, and allows changes for our training and our good!

So much for all the rambling, here is our first encounter with snow, I wish I can keep that sense of absolute wonder, excitement, thrill we felt, for, well, everyday! We were so thankful and happy the entire day. Actually it lasted only one day, so I'm sure the next time we see snow, it will be just as magical!

Credits: Background paper by Laren Reid, snowflakes by Michelle Coleman, word art by Anna Aspnes, sparkle frames by Carol Abrams, beads by Nixon.

And this is us at the Arlington Cemetary, we are so glad we went, and so glad we brought the boys, they asked a lot of questions about war that day.

Credits:background paper by Mamrotka, journal paper from Weeds & Wildflowers, smaller journal paper by Meredith Fernwick, frame corver and tag by Nina Scraps designs, 'lest we forget' words by Sue Jones, branch by ShabbyMissJennDesigns.

The templates for these layouts are available in the store here

Now here is the layout of our first night in New York. After arriving and checking into our tiny hotel one block off Central Park, and wondering to the Christmas market at Union Square, we were not sufficiently warmly dressed and it was so cold, we decided to get indoors and went to Fao Schwatz. Not quite my idea of our first night in NY, but it will have to do! At least the boys were happy and we were not freezing!

Credits: Background paper by Ami Collofello, heart by TangieBaxterDesigns, fiber wrap by GinaMarie, confetti by Ajay Abney, paint strokes by Nancie Rowe Janitz, red alpha by Monique Gascon.

This template will be available in the store soon


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