Sunday, June 25, 2006


Today the kids (and i!) are trying to adjust to school reopening after 4 weeks' mid year break. It's more than tough! We're all doing some last minute "playing"!

Have completed two layouts, this first one, of my husband & son at a beach - with this quote , is to say how much i appreciate the influence he has on our sons. I might be the one who is more concerned with their school work and being polite, considerate, neat, tidy, and so on, he is the one who spends time with them exploring, wandering, wondering, playing, discovering, having fun, teaching them by example to have the curiosity for learning.

This one is my first try at blending photos using masks! Jared looked at the layout and asked, mommy, who are the other two boys!!! means i was successful?!! hee hee.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Book of Quotations

Well i simply have to share this today:
I actually picked up this book of quotations by Helen Keller, of all places at the children's section of our local library! I'd always loved her quote about the most beautiful thing in life - see sidebar at the right, but here i've found so much more!

Here's one of them:
"I can tell music from other vibrations by its rhythm and - I have no touch-word for its velvety singing through me. I detect loud and soft tones, swelling chords and dance measures. Each musical instrument has its own quality of vibration. A violin sings or sobs into my hand like the human voice. The music of the organ rolls, thunders, sinks as if into the sea, mounts upward and sweeps out into space carrying my soul on its majestic wings. The wild call of the bugle is unlike the insistent beat of the drum or the sweetness of the harp."Helen Keller

Beautiful, isn't it? How precious & richly she describes music though she cannot hear it ! From now on i will hear each pure note & feel it in me.

There's so much more, i'm going to put her sayings into my next few (or many) layouts!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm in love again - with ordinary things

Well, here's a favourite photo of my son in a layout which i loved.
He' doing what his mom does a lot these days - doodling! He's our little creative genius - it's serious business for him, whether it is on paper, with k'nex, or lego - he's happiest when he's left to himself creating!
Don't you think the poem i saved from a long time ago (author unknown now) is just lovely?

credits for the layout: wordart by Rhonna Farrer, downloaded from



Wow, this feels kinda exciting. i never thot i'd have a blog!
But seeing everyone's lovely blogs i realised this is a wonderful way to share my digital art and pictures, and receive feedback, and get connected to all you scrappers out there.

Thanks for reading and let me see if i manage to put up some pictures soon.


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