Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Book Completed!

Yes! I have completed my Japan 2008 vacation photobook and uploaded it to Am trying Blurb for the first time, as the book came up to 114 pages, exceeding the Shutterfly limit. Blurb costs less, but has less consistent reviews, but I decided to give it a shot. The software was very easy to use, but unfortunately, does not allow a complete self-customised wrap around cover. Anyway when the book arrives I will review it for you. Can't wait! Here's a preview - worth the hard work ? (took a year!) I think so!!!
You know, I ended up not really liking the pages where I joined up two single pages - the left and right sides did not coordinate :(  And I could have done better on the cover, but still, I'm SO happy with the album of that Amazing trip!!

Note: I realised that my Blurb album preview will not show up unless I set my book to "public" setting which would mean others could buy a copy of my book (!) Not what I want, so I've set up a preview using photobucket instead.

Now I can start on my Hokkaido 2009 vacation photos! After taking quite a long break, I'm quite motivated to start on the double page spreads again :)

Dh had had the fantastic opportunity to work in Singapore's world class performing arts venue, The Esplanade, for a 3 month stint, and we have been enjoying some great concerts, performances, getting an "education" on the latest on the arts scene, and yesterday the children went along for the fun, free program including installation art and all, that is now going on as part of our annual Arts Festival. Here are some shots from last night, we hope it will rub off on them, and that they can enjoy and appreciate arts more as they grow up, well, it's a start :P

Had worked on several more daily layouts, am thinking maybe I'll make a mini 8X8 album out of them...this first one is just one of those times I journal more than I place photos - I must do more of these, they capture my thoughts for my family - so important!
And the next is of my oldest and best friends - we have been childhood friends and firm friends to this day - no journaling, too much to be said, and yet nothing needs to be said.. KWIM?

And one from last year's photos of the boys - my brother, my best friend!

And now for some wonderful layouts by my talented friends and readers, thanks ladies for sharing them with us! Firstly from my lovely CT Christie Stearns, who is currently recovering very well from a surgery, you can send your regards to her here
 Now for some layouts by the talented Tawn, I always love her simplicity and yet how she makes the photos stand out so beautifully!

Finally, these are by Karen Mathre, her family has so much fun activities and outings which she captures in colorful, fun layouts like these:
Thanks again, ladies, I really appreciate your taking time to show me and link me to your creations.

Here's the final layout I made to complete my Japan album, it was the last night of our trip, and we went to the famed electric 'town' that sells all the mens' toys, starting with electronics stuff, to manga figurines to action hero toys of ALL kinds!

 This template is now available as a set in the store HERE

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day !
To every mom out there, a Blessed day to you to celebrate that which has changed us forever, make us worriers for life, yet brings us the greatest joy and fulfillment!

Been a while since the last post. I had been busy with work, and also these few weeks with the boys preparing for their mid year exams. You must read a lot about us studying for exams. Education is a big thing in Singapore, as in most Asian countries, for various reasons, whether right or wrong, good or bad, we are very affected by it. The boys spend a lot of time on homework, projects, and exams, we try our best to support them through it, and expand their life in as many other ways as we can. If you are interested to find out more, the best place is at my friend Monica's blog, Of Kids and Education, she shares with wit and honesty, finds the beauty, fun, and christian perspective in bringing up kids in Singapore. We love her and her blog. And you should read her post today on Mother's Day!

Scrapping-wise, I had been playing catch up on ''everyday" layouts and moments & thoughts I want to capture. Am re-visiting the clean and linear style I used for 365, another style I enjoy and also because I can do 3 layouts in one night!! Will probably start on the travel layouts again soon. (I have the entire Hokkaido trip to scrap!) And here's 8 layouts I did this week!

This is my favourite. I had wanted to scrap this for the longest time, and finally remembered to, after prompting from this post by Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Her blog is another of my favourites. Jared began his 'love affair' with Miffy when he had the first when he was four, maybe, and when he was about six, he wrote this 'song'- Ode to Miffy - scribbled on a note pad. It is sung to ''Old Macdonalds had a farm'' and it goes:
I love Miffy, yes I do,
Do you, do you too?
Oh Miffy is the cutest toy,
In the wholewide world!
Finally I scanned this and preserved it for my scrapbook for all time!
And these are photos I took of my family reading at the library, our weekly haunt:

Next some of our very old soft toys (mostly mine and dh's) with which we had to part with recently (sob)

Had to scrap these photos of how cool Jared is:

And of the movie outings we have been having, took a big risk and took these photos (many of them, actually!) in the dark cinema, to catch them in those 3D specs!

A Chinese New Year layout - and our almost a tradition Loh Hei (Yu Sheng) - a homemade 'raw fish' salad where everyone joins in to 'mix' it, lifting it high up with chopsticks while declaring 'blessings'!

Just a fun moment captured of the boys laughing out loud - they do it a lot, but I do love this lot of shots

And here's me and dh on our weekly date nights - a big part of our lives that I must not leave out of our scrapbooks!
Have turned these 10 layouts into an album template set for you in the store with papers and brads included, so you can make a quick album if you like.

And finally a layout just of nothing in particular, of silly shots I forced my boys to take with me while we were waiting for and in the lift one day, but just tugs at my heart to say these are the people and the moments that make it all worthwhile for me. :)
This template is now available as a set in the store HERE


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