Monday, December 14, 2009

A last post before Christmas

We are going away tomorrow night and will only be back after Christmas, I might not get to blog, so here's wishing everyone a truly blessed Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus with your close and loved ones. Blessed Christmas!!
Jared likes to complain that his life is boring and nothing exciting ever happens. We always laugh and tell him that peaceful and routine days are sometimes the best days. Of course that is not in his character at all, unlike Ryan! But a week or so ago, I truly appreciated the truth of my own words.
The night before our 16th anniversary, Dh felt chest pains and we rushed to the emergency room. You can probably imagine all the thoughts and endless prayers that ran through me that night! I'm so thankful to report that it seems to be nothing serious and he was discharged the next day, although he has to go for more tests in the next few weeks. It was almost surreal as we managed to still make it to dinner and a screening of short films at The Substation, a contemporary arts centre where we had our first date, on our anniversary, as planned. How much life can (potentially) change in an instance! (added on15 Dec ): I want to add here words of wisdom I received from Barbara (in comments) that through it all, I am thankful that I know Him who controls all things for my good and His glory. Thanks Barbara, Lynette and everyone for your encouragement.

The preciousness and awareness of the days since that one has been heightened for me quite a bit, and I appreciate that. When I sat down to complete these next two 365 layouts, (yes including one of my dh on the emergency ward bed when he was declared ok) I was more emotinoal than usual, but also so, so thankful. Emergency, routine, peaceful, mundane or exciting, these are blessed days, and these are the moments I want to remember forever. :)
May these December days be blessed ones for you and your family too.
click on image to see bigger image
click on image to see bigger image
Well I did complete some more Japan layouts the last two weeks, despite all the busyness of December. These next two are of the zen-like, beautiful 'floating temple' of Mijiyama. Even the boys became quieter when we got there! Dh and I were so caught up with capturing the light and colors of this place it was a photographers' (and a scrapbooker's) dream ....

This layout captures some of the moving exhibits in the Hiroshima Memorial Museum. You can click on the pic to see a larger image. Check out the watch that stopped and captured the exact moment the bomb dropped..
This template is now available as a set in the store HERE

And since I won't be posting till after Christmas, here's two more templates for all your wonderful Christmas photos, download here! Tell me what you think of this slightly different 'new style' I'm leaning towards lately! Wonderful holidays everyone!


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