Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some answers to comments and questions

Finally got down some instructions on printing, which I have had quite a few questions for, hope you understand what I'm saying, this is how I do it in photoshop.

To Jacinda who asked about the template for my 'Perfect Day' layout, it is in the store here.

And to Darlene who asked if I have thought about pricing the templates (in the store) as one large set for a specific price, thanks for the great idea, I will certainly do that, once I have completed my US album (that's the priority now), hopefully towards the end of November.

And to Mary, i'm sorry I'm not sure why your download decompression always fails, I would doubt it is due to your using a mac, but sorry am not techie enought to help!

And Melody, you can email your layouts to me at yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg (sorry for spelling it out, I'm trying to avoid spam mail)

Thanks everyone for your patience, I'm working on more layouts and templates every chance I get! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brimming with Life

Gosh, I just noticed it's been 18 days since my last post! Glad to report that it is because life has been very full, had more commitments recently and scrapping and blogging just had to take a back seat. I usually blog on weekends, and the past few had been taken up with dh's workplace family day, my church's community day, my sunday school's youth camp fund raising food fair (my beef stew was very successful, yay!) and time spent at Alpha course with a dear friend.

Another point of note this past week is the wonderful phenomenon of Ryan's changing voice. It's been a point of debate in my family. I think his voice 'broke', but my mom and my dh think he is having a sore throat, and it's been quite exciting and unbelievable for us, (after all, he's only eleven!), but he himself is perplexed with our reactions, wondering what the fuss is all about. lol!

Oh yeah, and dh and I went to the movies to watch mama mia, what a romp we had!! Such fun and we laughed till we cried, not to mention singing along most of the way.. dh kept murmuring "James Bond is singing!.." and I kept going " and Darcy is dancing!!!" lol. We had a blast! I think I have an old cassette tape of Abba songs somewhere....

I myself hadn't much time to scrap, and seem to be low on inspiration (hope it's temporary!), so only have one page to show, this is from the last stop on our US trip, in Orlando, you'd be seeing park layouts from now on, haha! Thought I'd try something different to spice things up a bit for me. It's still great fun reliving the trip as I scrap, of course. Great conversation starters with my boys too!

This template will be available in the store soon And thank you ALL for your wonderful, wonderful words and comments, keeps me going, luv y'all!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Conversations with young men

One day last week my brother wrote me that he is travelling to Argentina and Chile for a holiday. We were so envious! Anyway we were wishing we worked and lived abroad some time in our lives too. While dh and I were talking the conversation got to, in ten years time (so long?) even Jared will be off to national service (army) and then we'll go work and live somewhere abroad. Then Ryan said, how about weekends when we come home from the army? We said you can take care of yourself. And he went, okay, computer games and instant noodle... great!! And dh said, you forgot one factor, girls. And Jared went, we are going to be bacalers. Bacalers? Oh, he meant bachelors! Then I proposed the advantage of girl friends, for cooking and washing your army clothes, all in love and out of free will. And Ryan went, that's nice! with a thumbs up sign... Jared was not so convinced... what conversations we have. Must record this for reading back in ten years time..... Haha!

Well, I worked hard to complete all my New York layouts. I had to, I was running out of steam. And they're done! First up, a layout of Central Park Zoo, on a rather cloudy day.. the boys had been dying to go there to meet Alex and Marty and the characters from the Madagascar cartoon and were shocked they were not there! :) (click on image for larger view to read journaling)
Credits: Background paper from StephanieOgren's Broken & beautiful, brown flourish by Jen wilson, white flourish stamp by Andrea Victoria, blue glitter stitch by Dani Mogstad

Now our day out to Liberty Island took me four layouts to scrap. They were all too good to be thrown out or squshed in one layout. Blame dh (or thank dh) for fantastic shots that tell such great stories :) I tried all different styles, but I think I like this one best. What do you think? (click on the image for larger view)
Credits: Background paper by , pledge overlay by HeatherAnne designs, messy stitch by Lori Barnhurst, swirl by Weeds & Wildflowers, licence plate heart by Gina Cabrera, brads by Dani Mogstad.

Credits: Grid background paper by Gina Cabrerra, orange paper by Kitty Chen, scalloped edge by Jessica Gorny, star by designs by Helly, word tags by Chantal.

Credits:Background paper by Rachel Martin, black paper (edge) by grammyleigh, green glitter leave by Edeline Teintang.

The templates for all these layouts are available in the store here! Thanks for looking!

Credits: Paper blended with large photo from Weeds & Wildflowers, red paper by ScarletHeels, tag by fotosusu, flourish by Jen Wilson
This template will be available in the store soon


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