Saturday, February 23, 2008


Two Page Layouts
Thank you for your lovely comments and wishes for my dh! There's some questions about how to go about printing the two page layouts as the photos go down the middle of it. Good question! I was wondering about it myself too! :P
I was thinking after the layout is done, I'll resize the photoshop canvas to 12X12, save one half of it as jpeg, then the other, and try to make sure I've got it sliced neatly at the right place. I haven't tried it yet, and I intend to print it into a shutterfly book eventually, and I know that between the pages, the way shutterfly does it, the pictures at the middle of the double page will be slightly "hidden". That's why I chose a scenery shot to go down the middle, instead of a shot of person, so I won't mind the distortion so much!

Will appreciate if anyone else has a better idea of how this can be done? Cos I do think I'm gonna do a lot more the double pages, they are so useful for trip photos, and do look so good like a centre spread!
Oh, and I do want to show you a few amazing layouts I've had the opportunity to get permission to share here, you can tell which inspired my double page forays!
Here's two increble pages by Kari, yummy cookies and a yummy time the children must have had!

Here's a page by Jazzmint, of her incredibly cute daughter,

And this cutie page is by Kotrine:
Thank you ladies for sharing your layouts with us!
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Been Busy

Been Busy

DH fractured his hand on the eve of Chinese New Year! It was quite a shock as he had to go for surgery that very night and had to miss the family's reunion dinner. Thankfully he could come home the next day and we still managed to celebrate most of the holidays as planned. It was a refreshing change though as I had to help him with some daily stuff, and it is a change from being the usually dependent me! :) Here's a layout to remember this time!
Credits: Frames, and all papers from ksharonk's various lovely kits!
Our home was quite spiffed up for the holidays so it was a good time to take some pictures, and I wanted to capture the little touches that grace our home during this time. It is great to have some of the traditional foods, decorations, and things up, the one time in the year our family get more connected with our culture. As our country become more modern and cosmopolitan, I feel a need to give my boys greater sense of our culture and traditions. Here's one for the record

Credits: Background paper, and note paper by Ksharonk, and frames by Kim Hill
And am finally scrapping the 2nd day of our US trip spent in Annapolis. My first try at a double page layout, I liked that all the photos could fit in! Unfortunately I don't know how to make this image appear larger than this! Credits: Paper from Weeds&Wildflowers' A Better Me, twine by Natalie Design, buttons and stitching by Donna Rafferty, alpha by Kristal Hartley, and flower clip by Carol Abram.
This is now available as a set in the store here

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

In two days we celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is on 7 Feb this year! We're very busy spring-cleaning, decorating, cooking, and getting ready for all the visiting and visitors and all the merry-making! We have the tradition of getting new clothes (from top to toe) for everyone, mostly in shades of red, and also the giving of Hong Baos (red packets or gifts of cash) to children and the not yet married. So you can imagine how excited the children are, they get a windfall, but we still manage to get most of it into their college funds!

In cosmopolitan Singapore we live very modern lives so this is a great time to get closer to our roots and enjoy lots of family time with our extended families.

So, a short post today, just completed this layout, almost similar to the last one, and still of Great Falls Park!! Haha, just couldn't pass up on the lovely photos! And that gave me a thought, I should have worked them as double page layouts! Well, next up! ;)
Credits: Background paper by TraciKing, Brown paper by Scarletheelsmedia, strip of journaling by Christina Renee, joined paper strips (re-colored) by SarahJones, flower by Serendipity Street , cross stitches by Annie Manning , letters by MissScraps (recolored) .

This is now available as a set in the store here


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