Sunday, August 13, 2017

Japan Layouts (Vol V)

It's been a while, but I am back to share my Japan layouts (volume V)! I have certainly been distracted with all manner of memory keeping lately, but definitely still come back to digital double page layouts for all our travel memories! 

I have reached the last few days of our Japan trip (it was 2015) and a lot of those days was spent wandering and just exploring Tokyo. Walking through streets and smaller towns, thrifting and shopping, without an agenda and not quite knowing what to expect. I actually enjoy these parts of our trips more and more. The adventure and surprise, the discovering and wonder, of a different place and culture and way of life, totally makes the journey worth it!

The theme for these layouts came naturally - these lines that take us all over the layout, showing where we wandered and what we saw and experienced. So fun and full of movement!

Oh and it was perfect that Ali Edwards is giving away these free Travel word art on her AEPinterestPassport board . Got them onto three of these layouts and they were perfect sentiment! Love them!! Check it out you even stand a chance to win 6 months' storykits  - I'm trying for it too :)

So the men in my family had to visit Akhihabara to shop for gadgets and anime and geeky stuff all day (twice) and I decided I'll do a day by myself of thrifting and stationery shopping. Did you know Tokyo is wonderful for thrifting? You'd be hard pressed to know they were pre-loved shops - they are so lovingly curated and displayed! Unfortunately it was all winter clothes but I did score a few great buys. But stationery and craft shops in Japan are to die for! Unbelievable endless varieties and supplies, and that was when I bought my first Midori Travelers' Notebook, in which I have recorded four trips and still loving it!

 So I also asked the men to take photos of their day of geek shopping and yes, they did mom proud and made her happy by taking all these photos, before I joined them at the Nakano Broadway - another haunt of anime and comic goodies!

 It was saturday morning and we heard that the locals like to go to Yanaka alley for their weekend breakfast and shopping so off we went too. Lots to see and do and taste and try! 

This second layout was also of exploring the streets around Yanaka Alley - we passed homes and neighbourhood shops, back streets, an old cemetery, and even an art museum. More fascinating of all, I saw the second Hawaiian Hula Dance School in Tokyo here - the Japanese really love all things Hawaiian :)  I was doing hula dance at my gym class as well, so I was really stoked about it!

My husband has an eye for spotting local scenes and takes photos of local people going about their life, flower shops, and so on, so here's one more layout showing the street scenes of Japan as we travelled through them. We just love visiting Japan so much, and it will not be long before we are back! 

All of these layout templates are available for purchase in the store if you are interested. Thank you!

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