Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dance to your Music

A new layout and some doodle hearts

I did this really fun layout yesterday - in 20 minutes flat too!! I'm really enjoying scrapping with the tonnes of stuff free and bought that I've accumulated over the past year.. it's amazing how much is being shared out there, I'll try to do my fair share too :)
see my SSB gallery for credits - but it's mainly from Mira designs's free kit - I'm loving her funky doodled stuff, great for the funky kid I have!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I scrapped!

I scrapped!!
Yeah, taking a break from designing, and look what I came up with using my Sapphire Seas and Castaway kits! Had to cheat and add the black backgroun though - it just goes so well with my sons' black top and hair. I always had a thought that for us Asians, because of our coloring, dark colored kits work best for my photos, it makes them pop!

Here's another updated layout of my younger one at the pool - I love this photo, he still had all his baby teeth then! Yes, this is the guy that made the little fish!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

What to do

I got this idea from a layout in CK, "what to do at the beach", we were at Pulau Rawa which means Rawa Island, and I wanted so show as much as I can in one page. It wasn't quite enough!! :)
What a great time it was, just doing nothing except beach bumming around! I was even happily weaned from scrapping and the internet for four whole days!! oh and i used papers and elements from my own soon to be released kit - it's pending a name! And I also used ksharonk's alpha from her making mischief kit. Love, love her work!

Your Hero

These are layouts I made around Father's Day. It's all from my kit Rough & Tumble.

I'm feeling much appreciation for the role he plays in the boys' life now that they are older, and now that there are stuff I can't or don't do as well with them. I'm also thankful in this day and age and in our fast paced economy, that hubby does not need to travel for work (well he did it once last year, and it was unbearable!!) and is around everyday for me and the boys. No matter that he is so strict with the boys, they still gravitate to him, and look up to him as their hero. Well, at least when it has to do with star wars, battlestar gallactica, and light saber fights!! More and more I'm told, "mom, you won't know!" or "it's alright, it's a boys' thing" ...haha!! Good thing I have scrapbooking!
For once I don't have so much to say on this layout, I really like the more laidback look although the colors are not so striking.

And this one is really fun, I kinda laid on too many layers I think, for my usual style, but love that face!! It's true that my boys are more the bookish type, but they do love all the boys stuff, and are definitely, all boy. :)


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