Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up

Just want to appreciate everyone who helped to give your feedback in the previous post on how you print double pages and how you find the results. It was so helpful! I guess it is inevitable that if you print it into a photobook, some of the middle part is going to be 'hidden' from view, so one way is to avoid putting important photos or face shots right there, I'll bear that in mind as I continue designing the pages.

Before I go on, here are some lovely work by wonderful ladies who allowed me to show them here; the first is by Amy Palmer, and the second by Susii Carter, thank you ladies. It's such an honour that you all used these templates of mine, to such lovely results :)

More replies to some of the comments and questions left for me, sorry i took so long, am consolidating them at one go :)
To Erica who asked me where I went on holiday, it was to Pulau Rawa, it's great if you love the beach and nothing but the beach!(wink)(address is
To Jody who asked 'if your method works for the DP with shutterfly', do you mean the photobooks, and if so, check two posts ago for the many comments. Hope that helps.
To Jess, i'm afraid I could not link to your homepage to see your page, could you leave a link?
To Zuraz, all the previous templates in the archives of the blog are still available, are you able to download from filefront?
To Susan, I do not have round templates yet, but thanks for the idea, I only do templates that result from my own layouts, a rule I'm keeping so that scrapping my own photos remain my priority, but I'll keep that in mind!
And to KimB, I'm sorry, I do not know how I can accept any other form of payment except Paypall as I live in Singapore, I hope that's alright, there's lots of free templates in the archives you can use, thanks so much for asking!
To Sarah G, I'm so sorry you faced the problem with Shutterfly's free book offer, I was terribly afraid of that too, but somehow my free offer went through smoothly. I uploaded all my 12x12 layouts as jpegs onto the photobook, and they did not consider it a 'premium' book. Thanks for the headsup, next time I'll be extra careful too.

It's always great to hear from all of you, amazing really, to think we have this great hobby and lots of other things in common, you're all wonderful to share with, and I hope my creativity keeps up, with lots more to come! Tomorrow I've got to be up at 6, so goodnight, everyone!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lots of Layouts!

Shutterfly gave me a push this week with a 'free' 20 page book offer, did you get it? Well, I have 15 pages already done, and rushed to make another 5 pages all in 2 days! I'm happy to catch up on my non-US trip layouts, enjoyed making these, so much fun to do more light-hearted layouts for a change.
Here's us at our newly renovated local Museum and this was a wall for trying your hand at 'installation art' - cups, spoons, the boys had lots of fun!
Credits: Background paper, staple and stitching from Ksharonk’s Juicy Bonus, doodled stickers and word art line doodle, and word arts by Emily Powers

Same day at the Museum, the Greek Masterpieces exhibition, dh was mesmorised, the boys disappeared quickly, after comments and giggling about 'nude statues', and dh had a chance to explain and show me the beauty before us.
Credits: Background papers from Callypso Papers by BabyCakeScraps, and from Memory maker by VeraLim. Cardboard rip template by Michelin Martin, staple by Ksharonk, (I can’t recall where the journaling tag is from, will come back and add it in when I figure it out, sorry!)

Here's a story I wanted to do for a while, and finally did about this dresser or chest of drawers that has been with me for twenty years, it's from Ikea, by the way, if you're reading this, Angie! If you look closely at the heavily pregnant me, the left arm was in a cast from my fall I told you about. :P Here's the journalling: This dresser was mine since I was in my teens. I remember it was from Ikea and I got it because I’d wanted somewhere to keep my stuff and write letters and such. When I married it came with us and when we were expecting Ryan we sponged the teddy bears and rocking horse onto it. we loved it. Over the years Ryan used it and it started falling apart. We hung onto it bec it was so hard to let it go! Last week, I saw renovators at our neighbours and went and asked if they could make a new base for the drawers. The young man was great and promised to come back in 3 days. I then took a nap and to my horror, woke to see someone in my room. It was a good thing I did not scream out loud, for Ryan had let the man in to fix his dresser! Well, all’s well and our dresser looks almost as good as new! Of all the painting and sponging we did in our first home, this is the only piece that came with us, and that’s how sentimental we are, and I like it that way!
Credits: heart charm by Sherry Drummond Designs, doodled swirl by Cinnamon Designs, scalloped papers by Favreau Design, background paper by AnnaAspen, boxed word by Chantal, alpha from Lauren Reid’s Hot News No 3.

Now this one is hilarious. Journalling goes: Gim bought me the doll house which I so wanted a year after we were married. We started work on it on evenings. He helped with the building, and I worked on the furnishings, sewing bedspreads, cushions, and it was coming together! Then we got pregnant and when Ryan was born, the dollhouse was stored away. This year, we were packing and showed it to the kids. Ryan exclaimed ‘Ancient Relic’! And begged to have it for the headquarters of his Exoforce army. The rest as they say, is history. How they take over our lives...
Credits : Alpha by HeatherAnn Designs, font is Aquiline and courier, Papers from Color Voltage by Favreau design

All of these templates are available in the store here

Finally, my favourite photos from our day at the museum, what precious sights of the closeness they share ... makes any mom's day, definitely this one.
Credits: Tag from HeatherAnn Designs’ Flea Market, word art and jeans star from Miss Mint’s Wild Weekend, background paper from Michelle Colemans’ Hullabaloo, and from Weeds & Wildflowers’ My Favorite Things, ribbons and buttons by Designs by Krista.

Here's the template for you!

This template will be available in the store soon
It's late and I'm hardly awake, will come back tomorrow and put in the credits for my layouts, as well as answer the questions and comments I've had, thanks so much to all of you especially for your replies to my last post about how you print the double pages, it's wonderful to hear from you, thank you!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A good question & another download link

I've had a great question from Rarole, who asked, the double pages when printed and bound in a photo book - would not the middle pictures be 'lost' in the binding process ? I have to be honest with you, I've not yet printed into photo book any of my double pages! But examining my last photobook printed at shutterfly (no double pages though), I would expect that a bit of the middle will indeed be 'lost', from view. That's why I consciously try to design the pages such that the main photos are not right in the middle. I'm also thinking, when I send the layout to shutterfly to print, that I will size them 11.98 instead of 12 inches, and place them flushed to the outer sides. But I can't recommend that yet till I try it. I intend to print only when I've completed all my US trip photos.

Is there any one who has tried printing double pages into photobooks? Would love to hear from you how you overcome this. Thanks!

I realised that some of you had difficulty downloading over filefront, so here's another link over at 4 shared for template 36. here

Gotta run, school starts monday and we are getting ready. My mom just came back from visiting my brother in the US and brought back my latest photobook from shutterfly, the one about Everyday life - I'm so pleased with it!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Regular Life

We're back 5 days now, after 5 days of sun, sand and sea. It's amazing how in 5 days of beach bumming you can totally (ok, almost totally) forget your life back on routine earth, and equally amazing how in less than 2 days we are totally settled back to regular life, work and housework, without skipping a beat!
We had an awesome time, and I had a mental picture of the layout even before I got home, straightaway got working on it, and here's how wonderful a time we had.

I've added this template in the store here
Credits: Paper from Weeds & Wildflowers' My Favorite Things kit, Memories tag from Wendy's crafty creations, twine by Natali Designs, shells from YardBunny's Inspirations, twigs by Schaarka, leaves by Marianne, note paper and clip by Ksharonk, popsicle stick by myself

It's so amazing that this wonderful island and inexpensive holiday is less than 3 hours drive away, Jared calls it our own Tropical Paradise, and we can't disagree. This time we had a chalet that was built on stilts over the water, and every now and then I had to pinch myself to listen to the sound of waves under us all day and night. You get used to these things ! :P What we did not expect was the open air shower, now that got a little complicated!

One thing I accomplished this trip is to "scrapbook" my blog entries over the last two years into my personal journal. I had such a great time pouring over the bits and pieces of our lives recorded there, and could share it with dh and the boys, it was great. Here's a glimpse:
I have two more US layouts done, this is us on our day out to the White House. I loved that it was decked out in Christmas splendor!

Credits: Paper from W&W's A better Me, Doodle by KathyTownzen, ribbon by NataliDesigns, roses by Newlifedreams, christmas flower by DL Patterson, leaves by Scrapidea, Alpha by Designs by Sarah.
This template is also in the store here

And here's one at the National Gallery of Art. Dh had the most fantastic time as he paints and loves the Impressionists. We love that the Galleries allow you to go right up to the paintings, and we could take as many (no flash) photos as we liked. I tried to interest the kids in the art and was pointing out Van Gogh's gorgeous brush strokes when our heart dropped as jared suddenly stuck out a finger to try to scrap off the thick paint. We could have been in the papers that day if we had not stopped him in time. One more proof that he is a hands on learner......!

Credits: Background paper from Kschmidt's flight of life, alpha by HeatherAnneDesigns, flourish from Weeds & Wildflowers' Creating Beauty kit.This is now available as a set in the store here

Saturday, June 07, 2008

We're going on holiday!

Yes, we're leaving first thing monday morning for 5 days on a little island resort. There will be nothing to see and do except sun, sea and sand. The boys will be perfectly happy, dh who thinks he will do very well as a beach bum will be perfectly happy, and I too will be perfectly happy except I will be offline and with no scrapping for 5 days! It will be a good break, I'm sure, and I'm bringing lots of issues of Creating Keepsakes, and also, printed copies from my ramblings on my blog, which I hope to cut and paste into my personal journal, with more journaling! :)

The store is running without a hitch, and you all have surprised me with your overwhelming support! THANKS so much!! Unfortunately I won't be able to come up with anything new for a while till we're back. But as a big thank you, I'd like to share a frames kit I did last year, you can download it below.

Some thoughts and observations from the last week:

On date night, dh and I went to watch Sex and the City. It was good fun, and a treat to see those clothes. But the amount of nudity was a rather uncomfortable for me. Actually our local censorship board did not allow the TV series to air on our local TV at all. We could only watch it by buying the DVDs. I'm glad they did it even though there was outcry from some who feel there should be freedom of choice. When I got home I checked and found that the movie received a rating of M18 which means those under 18 are not allowed to watch. I know in this day and age, if they can't go to the movies they will still find a way if they wanted to, but I'm not sure I want my children to be able to easily access these movies with questionable morals (though realistic, some may argue) at age 18. Well, they will anyway, so I know it is up to us to build strong bonds with them through the teen years, and hopefully be able to influence them in the right direction. It's not going to be easy!

On a lighter note, on the same night, dh and I wondered into a hip part of a mall catering to teenagers and young adults, and found to our amusement, the exact (replica?) of the Yonex sports bag he used to sport as a teen, and a polka dot dress (just like one) I used to love, up on the window display of a VINTAGE Shop!! Okay, now we are vintage!! I have a few more dresses and blouses they will probably like to have in there! LOL

Yesterday we took a day off and went on a 5 km walk around what we call the Southern Ridges, it's a bit of green amongst concrete jungle, but the park authorities did a wonderful job of building tree top walks, bridges and connectors, and it was just wonderful. Here are some pics

Great, right?

Also check out these layouts by Nikki McDougal, just so fantastic. I loved how she used her photos as backgrounds. Thanks Nikki!

And here's a little something to say THANK YOU sorry this is currently not available

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Blog Store is Up!

Yes, I finally got it up and running, check it out here: YinDesigns Thanks for visiting!

Made lots of layouts and templates for the store, phew! I'm half wondering if I can keep it up :P
But first, I was tagged, twice actually, last week! By Cyndi of Wetfish designs, and Michelle from Digitalfunplace.blogspot, thanks for getting me to join the fun, ladies. So instead of talking about my kids it shall me about me this week for a change, :)

First here are the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK, let's see, 7 facts that you probably don't know about me:

1. well, I fell and broke my left arm when I was 7 and a half months pregnant with Ryan. Yep, I did, the doctors decided not to operate due to risk to the pregnancy and I now have a slightly crooked arm but it's totally functional, so no worries. It was tough delivering the baby with the arm in a L shaped cast from shoulder to fingers though!!

2. I can't drive, don't have a licence, our city is so small, and public transport is super, and it just did not come up onto my agenda in life, at least not so far!

3. I am blessed with a great metabolic rate or something that allows me to eat anything I want and not put on weight. I've been underweight most of my life... I know, shoot me :)

4. I don't have an engagement ring - we were engaged on the night dh got a his first job offer after graduation and we were broke. We both wore a dollar stainless steel ring instead! hhmm, stuff for a layout, don't you think?

5. Dh got me my "replacement diamond engagement" ring on the valentines' day after our 7th anniversary. I chose a tiny marquise. It's special, to say the least.

6. My all time favourite novel is "Gone with the Wind". I read the book before I saw the movie, and cried and laughed through both.. it was wonderful everytime.

7. I've always wanted to be a mom, and always wanted daughters. Well, now I honestly think sons are great fun too, and I play lightsaber duels instead of bake cookies with them, but God knows best, and I know I am blessed.

These are who I'll like to Tag, not sure if you've already been tagged, if not, join in the fun!

Shawna (shawnyrvr)
Jazzmint (jazzmint, i'm having difficulty leaving a comment on your blog, I'll try again later)

And here's all the layouts I've made for the one day Monument Tour in DC. Although we are not American, we have read so much about these great men, and it was almost surreal to be actually there, the monuments were so beautiful and solemn and respectful to their memories. I found it a great challenge to make the layouts equally grand, solemn and respectful!

The templates for these layouts are the ones up in my store here: YinDesigns

Credits: Paper from MiraDesigns' Spring Garden, stamp by Marianne, flower and dots by Catscraps, stitches by Kperrien, Alpha by Misty Casto, font is PegsannaHMK

Credits: Paper from Michelle Coleman's Hullabuloo, patterned paper from easy going by Jackie Eckles, medallions and brads by Lisa Sisneros, wordart by JBurkhart, tag by Stephanie Orgre

Credits: orange paper by Mira designs, brown paper by C Kaye, buttons by Tara Dunstan, ribbon by Carole N at PBP, doodle dates by Scarletheels.

Credits: Paper from Blossomshine by LaurenReid, newpaper swilrs from Creating Beauty by Weeds and Wildflowers, vintage label by Gina Cabrera, staples by ksharonk, rose button by Jessica Bolton, pin by Vicki from Digiscrapshak, id plate by Chris Turnbull

And these are photos from our visit to the Gemstone gallery of the Natural History Museum. Totally unbelievable, jaw-dropping time I had there!
Credits: Papers - I blended papers by Leah Riordan from her Bloggidy kit, and Janosh Designs' sampler, lace from Mary ScrapGallerie, stamp alpha and beads by Michelle Coleman, and swirl by Scrappinic.
This is now available as a set in the store here


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