Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Rock Together

Fun Times
We are really looking forward to our trip now, got the hotels and flights booked, phew! We're visiting my brother who is living and working in Washington DC, and will take in NYC and Orlando too! It's a huge burden on our pockets but we decided to do it anyway, since the chance may not come by again! Tink, I will definitely wave! Are you near Orlando? Can you imagine, me coming so close to you all? Shawna, I wish we have time to visit Atlanta, it's so on the way!
Actually I do need some advice if any one can help:
- should I take the train from DC to NYC? how about by bus?
- we'll be in NYC in Dec, do we need something as warm as down jackets? do we need scarves, hats?
- besides the usual, is there anything you recommend we do or visit in NYC, DC or Orlando?

Right now the boys are having final exams, it is a big deal in Singapore, I do think we are guilty of "hot-housing" the children somewhat, and I try not to go overboard, but I do spend a lot of time revising with Jared especially (Ryan is pretty cool about revising on his own). I know, he is only eight, but he needs to sit through one and a half hour exams for each subject and the school streams them according to the results for the next school year! This is a huge part of my mothering at least for these few years, hhmmm, I should take some photos to make a layout...

We do take breaks and have fun of course, and I did find time to make this:
I love how the boys are really good with each other, they have always counted each other as their best friend, and I hope it continues always to be that way!
Credits: Background paper is a combination of papers fromSarah Robinson's Oct Collab kit and AmeliaScrap's pink paradise. Frames from Misty Cato, felt square, foil star and black note paper from DaniMogstad's Rock Star, "fun" tag from Brittishdesigns' daydream patches, Wire from Weeds&Wildflower's wire kit, gold alpha by dirtyfeetdesigns, and "U" by MyDigiscraps.Well, I really liked how it turned out, so I made you a template. :) Hope you like it.
This is currently not available

Monday, October 22, 2007

Surely Goodness and Mercy

Catching up
It's wonderful to be back at my blog, finally! Lots to catch up on! What am I busy with? Well, let's see:
1. I was away on a work related trip last week (I felt strangely free without the family with me, but I think four days is long enough rest from them!!)
2. We leave for our trip to the East Coast of USA (where many of my blog friends live, but for us it's a 24 hour flight!) in five weeks or so, and I'm struggling to get all the accomodation and flights booked - urgh!!
3. Frantically getting together a winter wardrobe for the whole family - I've been bidding on ebay, borrowing, sorting, washing - we are not used to winter!!
4. Putting together my first Shutterfly Photobook! There is a 20% discount now till 6 Nov and I'm getting all my layouts for the past one and a half years in it!

And this is gonna be my cover page!This is the back page
You may recognised that I've used Sarah's lovely Wordart from her SimplySarah blog, love your word art, Sarah, thanks! I felt that I can't find better words than these beautiful verses to express how the Lord has blessed us, for our album cover! And I've used paper from ScarletHeelMedia's new full of life kit - look at the texture! Haven't figured out if I should add any elements to them, what do you think?
Well, here's the template for the cover page, hope it comes in useful for you some time. Thank you always for leaving a word for me, they mean a lot!This is now available as a set in the store here

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blessed to Give

Blessed to Give
You're all proof that it is more blessed to give, thanks for leaving so much love! Glad these templates from my layouts are being useful to others too.. I'm receiving so much talented work that is given free this is just a little I can share.
Managed a quick layout using KsharonK's free quick page, I ADORE her work!

This is my son at a window display of Miffys! He has a love affair with Miffy! We can't remember when it started, but now our family has a collection of four Miffys - mama Miffy who is 15 inches tall, Miffy original who is no longer white, Biffy (named for his rounded beafier look), and Wiffy (the latest white addition). One or more of them always travel with us on our trips, Miffy has been to New Zealand and Hong Kong, and multiple trips to Malaysia! They are an inseparable part of our family as of today, and we think they are here to stay. We are not sure why our boys like them so much, and wonder now and then if they are becoming sissies, but those thoughts dispel every time the boys use the rabbits as "soldiers" in fearsome battles with the robots in their toy battallion. Haha! So we just accept and join in the love for Miffy-ia.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
Last evening dh and I played hide and seek with Jared. It was such fun he begged us to go again and again. Of course we had the privilege only because Ryan was asleep. (Ryan has to wake up at 6 for school everyday). It was hilarious, we were too big to hide anywhere, whereas he manages to squeeze hmself to impossible corners!
It is hard to avoid "scolding" Jared in the course of everyday because he just tend to get into so much trouble, so we relish every moment of "fun & happy times" with him. I thank God we're able to build his "bank of happy mom and dad time" to balance up the "bank of discipline by mom and dad time". And I think he does understand why we have to do what we do, but it still sucks in those moments when my child doesn't like me!! Well, that's my thought for the day. :)
I had been down with a sinus and throat infection for the past 5 days and am home on medical leave today. My fingers are trembling from too much medication but still able to finally stay up and scrap. heehee. I think it may be the last layout of our trip to Hong Kong. I'm really rushing to complete them, which explains so many photos all on one page!
Credits: Glitter swirl by Kim Clark, stitched border by Kim Christensen, background paper from Miss Vivi's back to school kit, word art by ShellyRae, tag from Mary's Scrapgallerie

This is now available as a set in the store here

Monday, October 01, 2007

Children's Day

Children's Day
Today is Children's Day where we live, and the children have a day off school. It's really noisy today at home! The boys are very different - in every way, but also the best of friends. It's amazing how that can be. I guess it's just the wonder of being brothers. Thank God for that!
Here's a quick layout I did for them:
Credits: painted heart by emeritt, car platae by Dani Mogstad, everything else from Oct collab kit from Style It Studio

Oh, and thanks Tink and Miyon for noticing my layout in Digital Scrapbooking magazine. It's really amazing to see it in print, I am so elated!

And enjoyed all your replies to the question what you will do with $500!


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