Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Gentleman

My Gentleman
Firstly thank you all for the wonderful comments and feedback and love you left me last week. You're so sweet! I'm so blessed.
I have yet another little story to tell. Can you tell I love capturing these little moments and conversations of my family? I plan to print out these parts of my blog and stick them into my journal as I go along!
Well a few days ago, Jared had a project to do as part of a team. Each team member was to find out facts regarding an aspect of a " Snipe Eel". (now before this day, I had never heard of such a creature... and he is only in primary three!) Anyway he looked up all the facts about the "habitat" of the eel and wrote them all out. Then his classmate, a girl called up, and he realised he got it wrong, she was supposed to look up "habitat" while he was to look up "reproduction". While he was trying to persuade her to switch since he had completed it and she had not yet started, we noticed long periods of silence while he hung on to the phone, took many silent "sighs", looked at the ceiling a few times, and said "okay, ...okay". Finally he put down the phone and went to work on "reproduction". This is not like our Jared at all, to give in to anything without a fight! I realised then it was because she was a girl! lol! How cute, right? What a surprise, my little gentleman! :)
This week I worked on a layout of our day spent at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a most deeply moving visit for our family, and I'd like to share my journaling with you:

We couldn’t miss the Holocaust Museum. Although the guidebooks said that only mature ten year olds would be able to handle it, we talked them through and went. The Daniel’s Story renactment on the ground floor, meant for chidlren, was especially touching. The children touched all of Daniel’s stuff, read his diary, sat at his dining table, crawled under his bed, and sensed a little of what he might have gone through. Jared was especially moved. I’m so glad he understood. Upstairs in the main exhibits, we were each given an ID card of a real person who lived during the Holocaust, and both the children read theirs through. Here, Ryan followed every story and read all the details. I’m glad they blocked the most gruesome pictures and videos with a wall. The room of victims’ shoes, the wall of family portraits, the models of how the gas chambers were used, hit me the most. It was a haunting visit, and also probably the most valuable time we spent in Washington. May we never forget.

Credits: Background paper from TCS Scrapgirls, swirls by Zsaliza, corners by Jess Gordon, brown underlying paper and also the paper used on the frames is from Weeds & Wildflower's natural set, tag by Agnes Lahur.

Hope you like this more "serious" and orderly layout. This is now available as a set in the store here

Sunday, April 06, 2008


This afternoon I was helping Ryan work on an assignment, where he was to write a newspaper article as a journalist who lived in the 1960s, writing about our country's political situations at that time. After I read through his draft, I explained that he had stated the points but not explained them, so that someone like me who lived then may not understand it fully. He looked at me, and with realisation, said, "oh! poor laywoman! I know what I must do now." My my, to be called "laywoman" by my eleven year old! The only consolation, is that the draft article improved a lot after that. :)

Got a new layout to show! I am so pleased with it, it is our day spent at the Washington Monument and I enlarged and blended a photo with the backgroun paper and loved the effect.

Credits: Background paper by kschimdt, flower by Dani Mogstad, and alpha by Miss Scrap
This is now available as a set in the store here


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