Monday, October 20, 2008

Font used on my layouts

Thank you for your encouraging messages to my last post everyone! Am so blessed.

And just to come back to some who have been asking me about the font on my layouts, the one on the Magic Kingdom layout is "Aquiline", and the one on The Magic of Disney is "Pegsanna HMK". I donwloaded both for free on the internet, but can't remember where, and both remains my favorite which I use again and again. :)

It's late for me, so good night!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Walking humbly with thy God

There's so much bad news and uncertainty around these days. So I thought I'd share parts of a testimony I wrote out while attendnig the Alpha Course recently. It is about how I came to know the Lord and how my life has changed. I'll cut out some of the more personal parts, and just share this part:

"Before I knew the Lord, I was not really at peace. I was happy if I felt I was doing generally better than others, had good results, and was well thought of by others. Naturally I was miserable when the opposite happened.

Over the years, God’s dealings with me in this area extended to many areas of my life, to my relationships, studies, career, marriage, having children, and raising them. He continues to work in me! To show me that “all have fall short of the glory of God” and it is “by grace, through faith that we are saved”. 'Good' as I may appear on the outside, inside of me God continually works, and “amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me” is a resounding song within my heart.

There were a few major periods of difficult times in my life, one when I was younger and had relationship struggles, another when I was married and was trying to have a baby, and yet another when our firstborn had developmental difficulties, coupled with financial worries. Through all those times, God took a long time to answer my prayers in the manner I asked Him to. But in those long periods of struggling, He changed me. He taught me to rely on Him, and to trust Him. Through those periods, He also knew where my breaking points were and when I was vulnerable, and He protected me and provided special ways and help for me to cope.

As I walked this road of faith with God, I have tasted the goodness of God, experienced His faithfulness and answered prayers, seen the changes in my life, received peace, joy, and guidance for my life, found that the teachings in the bible are true, and that the bible gives answers to all my questions about life, and hope for the future.

My favourite verse is in Micah 6:8 - “What does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.”

Praise God for His Everlasting love and faithfulness, and I pray that I will walk closer and closer to Him, and my life will more and more honour Him."

Well, if you have taken the time to read through all that, thank you, and hope it blesses you to know how God works in my life. I hope in the difficult times to come I too will remember His faithfulness and always have hope, peace and joy. Same to you too!

Now, for this week's layouts, I'm trying out more muted colors for these theme park photos. I've so many photos for this one trip!! It's taken almost the entire year to scrap them. Someone asked if I'm always on vacation lol! I wish, hehe! But scrapping has been really great as I relive the trip with dh and the boys. Can't wait to see it printed!
Credits: background paper by Weeds & Wildflowers, birdie and cut papers by Beth Nixon
Credits: Background paper from mediterrean kit by T Martin and Nancy Comelab from Digital Artist magazine, purple paper from Miss Mints kindergartencrafts, color sparkles from ChristinaRenee's blog party 2, orange paper fr Jackie Eckles' Whimsy world.

As usual, the above templates can be found here
Credits: background paper by Faith True, disney logo by Idzibitsy designs, numbers strip by Danielle Young, bullseye by Kim Christensen

This template is now available as a set in the store HERE

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New link for Template 68 and some replies

And some replies to my wonderful blog friends:

Jazzmint, the F1 was great but tickets are rather expensive, if I get them for free I would definitely go next year! :)

Elnorac, you live so near by? It's a real pity and I don't think I would go to the US for a long time more .. :( ..but then over the internet all distances are short!

Thank you Melody and the others earlier who gave me the blog award! I'm very honored that you all visit my humble blog, I'm not much of a blogger but I do love sharing layouts :)

And to Chelsea, great suggestion, I will put in the preset guides in future templates. Actually I have not yet printed my US trip layouts with shutterfly yet, the only double page I've printed is the one of my trip to the beach, (see aug 16 2008post) where I experienced outer edges being cut off, that's when I realised shutterfly had these guides. I will be using the guides for printing them when i'm done, soon, and will definitely come back to tell how they worked.

For the shutterfly covers, I made a very successful cover (see post on 22 Oct 2007) where I used a textured solid color background. That helped the spine to blend in with the front and back covers without any obvious seam. And I did not have photos that crossed over from the front to the spine or to the back. Hope this idea helps!

Oh and I've completed two layouts and will be back with them soon!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bits and Pieces of Everyday Life

Finally completed the next few layouts, getting close to completing my US album! I have been held up a bit because I only get to scrap at night after the children are in bed, but these last two weeks have been hooked on watching a couple of Korean romantic comedy series, dh and I are both hooked. I really love that we enjoy it together, a bit of romance (fun, happy, sometimes sad, but not too sappy) for everyday nights. :)

I crossed a marker this week. I had a pair of glasses fitted so that I can read better. Yep, I can no longer see the print clearly close up, and it is the only real impact I've felt about age catching up. I've resisted it for a while, but it's great, now everything is clearer! I won't have to pretend I can tell what's on the menu in dark cafes anymore! lol!

Last weekend we had fun as Singapore hosted it's first F1 Night Race. Lots us of who don't normally watch it got quite caught up as the race was held in our city centre. I watched it live on tv at home with dh and even then it was quite exciting!

What's happening in the financial world last week has been scary. We are not as personally affected yet, but the news, and at work, we are feeling it. I'm reminded today at church that instead of looking around us, we must keep looking up, at Him who does not change, is always faithful and is always in charge. And I'm so thankful.

Well, here are the layouts, all theme park photos, so I had fun with brighter colors and cuter elements.
Credits: Black paper by Sarah Belle, pink one by Angela & Emily Powers, elements by Britt Designs.

Credits: Rainbow by Miss Tina, brown paper by Favreau, glitter spots by LorieM, Alpha by Miss Chifis Designs
Credits: background paper and word art from Sandlot papers by Jackie Eckles
Credits: Background paper by Digital Couture Designs, branch by Loreta Larbaca, scrap paper by Vinnie Pearce, alpha by kimberzyz scrapz, leaves by Lorie M
All the templates for the above layouts are available in the store here thanks for looking
Credits: round tag by Miss Mint, road sign stickers by My Digital Addiction , alpha by Tara Dunstan, mickey papers by Andrea, and yellow paper by Mira Designs.
This template will be available in the store soon


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