Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stories I love

I've been Scrapping!
This is my younger son Jared in a pensive mood. He's usually jumping and running and talking non-stop, but he's a real thinker too, and it's wonderful we've caught him on film in this particular photo. Jared, I know you've been blessed with a fabulous mind, and although I need to help you be disciplined and self-controlled lest you get into too much trouble, I know I must also not stifle you and allow you your self expression you so crave! Lord help me keep this delicate balance!!

It's been wonderful taking off from designing to scrap! I really got carried away too!

I've finally found a satisfactory way to scrap these favorite photos of mine. They were taken in Lake Tekapo in NZ in Dec 2005. We were checking into a youth hostel and the boys found their way to the hammock and snuggled close together. It's the perfect layout to remember that they name each other their best friend. It's been the same answer since they first answered the question maybe two years ago ... so sweet, i know! Sometimes i worry though, it seems they don't have many other good friends! I guess they share so much, a world they made up, play in, that gives them so much fun and joy, so it's no wonder they find in each other that much kinship. I do want them to grow, to make many more friends, but definitely also that they keep each other always closest in their hearts.
And this is a layout that is long overdue! The incredible stories or rather, STORY that my boys tell, that started probably more than two years ago, that has kept on going, growing, never ending, on and on and on! It started with Tom and Jerry, those cartoon characters, the mouse and the cat, and over the years, all sorts of characters have joined in the story, some made up, some coming in from books and movies they read or watched, for example, Darth Vader, Captain Hook, Mffy, oh and the story itself? Some sort of fantasy good versus evil outer space war story, i would say..... The story takes over especially when we are on car trips, we don't need games, music, nothing is necesary. In fact, we get terribly embarassed especially when we are on overseas coach tours, and their stories are loudly told for everyone to hear, and they go on for the entire journey!!!


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