Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life around here

Been a while since my last post: Life around here has been hectic!
Jared has visited the dentist 3 times in the last two weeks, had a root canal done, and 3 other teeth pulled out, both he, I and the dentist are traumatised (the last visit lasted two and a half hours and a lot of tears), and one more is due this coming Wednesday to finally fill in that root canal treated tooth. The good news is, he is now super diligent in his tooth brushing, flossing and using mouth wash, lol. I have some photos and this is definitely going to be a layout for this year. :)
We had a bit of a scare after Ryan had a podiatrist visit and it was suggested he be checked for Marfans syndrome - thankfully further checks with a paediatrician proved that it is negative, I had a week of learning to trust God no matter what the outcome is - that was really hard but faith building.

Life around here also revolves around my newly minted teen and pre-teen - like Tracy said a few weeks back, yes, I need to trade notes and all the help I can get, on how to navigate this new phase of life for me, haha! Ryan is so sure of himself (unlike me when I was a teen) and coping with first months of high school really well, he hates it when I want to know about this and that - to him it is intruding, and I am learning new creative ways of getting involved in his life without probing! Recently he did a school project - "My autobiography project" - did up a journal with all my digi-scrapbooking supplies - I just loved it! He appreciated my help, thinks I'm kind (and easily 'manipulated' haha) and do have soft spot for me about what he feels is my innocence and tells me "mom, you're so easy to follow!" lol! We realise the way to parent then now is by influence - walking the talk, setting an example, especially in our spiritual life, how we walk with God, seek His Will, and all that.... Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it." What a responsibility, and what a calling!
I have kept up the tradition of making a birthday layout with a prayer for this young man:
Credits: Background paper by Valarie Ostrom, patterned papers from Lori Barnhurst's Kid Couture , word art by Jen Wilson, Dani Mogstad, Shabby princess, Tracy Howard
And here's our birthday prayer for Jared, the creative, imaginative, free-spirited one in the family. Recently we had a 'meltdown' situation with him over getting homework done, and we asked him,"why don't you just focus and complete your work which can be easily done in half an hour, instead of reading, playing, and doing everything else leaving work to the last when you're tired and melting down?" And his answer? "The thought that is so much more than homework...sob..sob..." !!!
Credits: Background paper by Kate Hadfield (painted pretties), patterned papers by 'bbd from dsa freebie'and from whispereddreams by emarta, word art by Jen Wilson, Dani Mogstad, Bethany wordarts, and Shabby Princess
The templates of these can be downloaded - scroll down for the links!

And I have been trying out new styles! Was inspired to use all white backgrounds for my next 4 Japan trip layouts - what do you think? It was not planned, I had a difficult time finding the background paper color for the Shrine layout and the Kobe layout, and accidently found that white works! I really love the modern feel of white against the traditional scenes of Japan - who knows, this might be a new direction for me :)

Credits: Doodled border from Nancie Rowe Janitz's One Swet Love Borders
Credits: Paint by Creashens, Brown paper by Joyce Paul, alpha by Christina Renee, borders by Michelle Filo from the So Charming kit from LDD
Credits: Ribbon by Mira Designs, lflowers by Cori Gammon, button by Emiko Designs, Yellow paper by Megan Turnidge from Good Day Sunshine
Credits: Stitches by Shabby Princess, fan from Take me to the Orient by Simply Sweet Designs , black paper by Michelle Coleman

This template is now available as a set in the store HERE


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