Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving on & Simplicity

Wow it's been longer than I thought since I last posted! Don't worry, we are very well. I've just been caught up with regular life, in particular work. Some updates: I've moved onto a new job just about a week ago. Have prayed about this move for nearly 6 months and seen God's clear Hand guiding me in this matter, and left with mixed feelings (terribly sad but also eager to move onto something new after nearly ten years doing the same thing). Worked long hours in the last few weeks to ensure proper handover, and now at the new place, taking more time to familiarise myself and settle in, and for those reasons could not keep up with my usual daily scrapping!

Here's a layout I made of 'moving on', took photos of the farewell cards and gifts as well as stuff that I took back from my old office, all the memories and momentoes!
Just want to share also, what I've learnt through this whole period, that no matter where I work, whether at familiar old responsibilities or at exciting new opportunities, it is God who gives me security and hope, stability and peace from within. God is so good.

I did a lot of clearing out the the last two weeks, my stuff accumulated over 9+ years at my old office (imagine!), and also took the chance of a few days break to clear out at home my closet, shoe cabinet, bookshelves, and drawers and shelves. How much we accumulate! Although some of the stuff have sentimental value, there is so much that just goes unused. Managed to give pack bags of clothes and stuff to a Home nearby that runs a thrift shop and felt so much better after! The sentimental stuff I took photos and promised myself to scrap the stories behind them, and that helped me discard more stuff. See, another great reason everyone should scrapbook! :)

Where scrapping is concerned, I'm catching up on my 2010 layouts, what I'd like to call 'Stories from our 2010'. Still some more to go, here are the ones I have completed, all 12X12, in simple (simplicity applies in scrapping for me too) linear style, love how quickly I can put them together!

Here's us playing Bang! The Card Game. We are competitive, and always have lots of fun with games. Great story of our everyday life! I've made the Template 219 for this layout for you, the download link is at the bottom of this post.
Here's a layout of the wonderful times I spent with Dh at the free concerts at our Esplanade - performing arts centre.
And get togethers with old friends and meeting the newest family members and seeing how all the children have grown!

And I found these series of photos of Jared playing with bubbles from last year, that begs to be scrapped. He is still terribly fond of playing with them, no matter that he is nearly twelve!!
The chinese rock concert by the May Day group that dh brought me to - I did not attend any such concerts until I was in my thirties - I'm a late bloomer!
And here's us at our favorite weekend eating place - the japanese Manpuku - we are there 70% of all saturdays for the good spread of cheap good food - we are very much creatures of habit :)

And this from the day spent at the beach on our National Day - more layouts to follow!

Have put together 10 of these linear layouts into this template album set, available in the STORE Thanks for looking!

My feature at Shutterfly was such an honor and so much fun, it's over now, but if you had missed picking up the mini kit and the template 213, here they are:
You can go to Shutterfly Celebrations Blog to download, or you can go here for the papers, here for the elements. I do not design kits anymore, these were put together from old stuff I made long ago. Hope you like them!
These photos were all taken by Jared when he got to attend the full dress rehearsal of our National Day Parade. All primary 5 students in Singapore gets to attend as part of National Education program - he totally enjoyed it, and his photos were awesome! When Jared got home and said he enjoyed the National Parade tremondously, we asked why, and he said, "endless, countless tanks of all shapes, guns, and sizes rolled past us!!" The next day, my girlfriend whose daughter also attended the same Parade told me she did not find it great, why? "There was nothing but tanks!" LOL! the boys and girls experienced it so differently!! I guess the gender-blurring we so often hear about has not happened to these two :)
This template is now available as a set in the store HERE
And finally, download Template 219 here. Love to hear from you!


  1. Good luck in your new job. Thank you for the template.

  2. Best of Luck with your new job! Thanks so much for sharing these great templates with us!

  3. Thanks for the new template! Enjoyed your feature w/ S'fly. All the best with your new job!

  4. Thank you once again for the great template--God bless!

  5. Definitely did miss you but glad you're back! And, again, thanks for the freebies and inspiration!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your templates. I think this years family album will be ENTIRELY made using your templates. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  7. ... I was beginning to wonder if you'd fallen of the face of the earth :-) ... glad to hear that all is well, and thanks for another great template!!! I wouldn't be able to do any digiscrapping if it wasn't for your templates!!


  8. Love all the new stuff Yin!!! The linear style has so much coolness. Can't help but wonder if I stuck to that with the white backgrounds and a few elements here and there, maybe I could get so much more done? It's just so hard to commit to. I need to somehow simplify so I can do more scrapping!
    Your freebies are great, I loved seeing you on Shutterfly too. Will be sure to share your freebies in my next post.

  9. Yin,
    Thanks so much another wonderful template! Good luck with your new job and I look forward to hearing more about how it's going in future posts.

  10. Your templates are the best and I appreciate you sharing them very much. Best wishes for a wonderful future at your new position!

  11. Thanks for your amazing work that you share...and best of luck with your next step in the work world!

  12. Thank you for your wonderful posts, I always love to hear what you are up to. I love your layouts and thank you so much for sharing your templates!!

  13. While you've been taking time off so had I. I realized the last template I had was number 200. Catching up now.

  14. You are so sweet and have such a sweet family. Thanks for sharing. You are always so honest and forthright with your faith, as we should be! Thanks for your generosity of sharing.

  15. Best of luck in your new job! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  16. Good luck in your new job. I admire your courage to do something new. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

  17. Moving on is such a big step. I remember when I decided to take a break from a career. I loved it, then 6 months later the boss asked me to come back part time at nearly twice the pay. Now I work 8-16 hours a week to keep my finger in the pot and still have my free time.

    I really enjoyed all the articles about you at Shutterfly. I finally got to see a book my sister had made and it looked fabulous. Though she had used one of their template books and just plopped in pictures. I still have to figure out what to do to have scrapbook pages come out right. I know, LOL, all your information and I get a brain freeze.

    Looks like Jared is taking after his mom with the camera now. Those are some really great pictures he took. Guess one day we'll be hearing about him as a world famous photographer.

    Thank you for the gorgeous templates, yet again. I have really been burning through them since the kids have moved and when they are here I take a million pictures (all of which I think need to be scrapped). You templates always fit the bill. :)

  18. Your blogs are so interesting--even more so b/c you so openly share your faith and its impact on your life. Your templates and your examples of the way you use them are inspiring. I love them b/c unlike many who scrapbook for me it's all about the photos, the stories, and the memories captures. Much less about the paper and embellishments which I look at as only enhancements to the memory making, not an end in themselves.

    The thing on my mind right now--have you ever or would you ever consider doing 8.5 X 11 templates for those of us who prefer that format b/c the books are easier to handle and store. I am aware of all the pros and cons and the fact that most people who scrapbook prefer the larger canvas but just wondering...I can only imagine what a phenomenal job you would do creating the smaller size templates as well. Thanks and God Bless!!

  19. Hi .. that God help in your new work!.. i was getting worried without news from you!!!
    glad you and your family are ok

    thanks for the freebies.. i will buy your new templates!
    a Hug from Colombia

  20. Thank you for the great template! It is always fun to look at your great layouts and read about your family. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Your layouts are always such an inspiration. Love what you do. Thank you for sharing your templates.

  22. Your templates and layouts are marvelous, as always. Thank you for sharing both. :)

  23. Thanks for the wonderful templates. :)

  24. As usual love all your LO & templates. Saw the Japan book, fantabulous!!! Thanks for the Blurb vs Shutterfly review :).

    Been a while since I last scrap :(...wish to start again but simply no time.

    BTW, love the new blog design...that shows how long I've not hop over here :P

  25. Thank you, thank you!
    All the best at the new job.

  26. Thank you! Love the layout!

  27. Thank you for sharing. You are very talented!

  28. very nice
    thanks for sharing

  29. Love this one especially. When I saw your layour using it, I was hoping this would be available for us. Thank you so much.

  30. Merci. J'aime beaucoup le petit tuto avec.

  31. Thank you for the templates!

    Congratulations on your new job! There are a lot of mixed emotions in changing jobs, especially the longer you are there. My last job change was over 5 years ago, and I had been at that job over 7 years. I, too, had accumulated much!

    Thanks especially for the Ocean Spray mini kit. I had neglected to get the full kit at the time you closed your store at GDS, so I'm happy to get this mini kit! You are so generous!

  32. Hi! I used your template here: http://kreativ-minyu.blogspot.com/2011/05/moments-to-remember.html
    Thank you very much, it helped me a lot.
    In my LO my parents play with my sons.
    Happy new year!



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