Friday, January 27, 2012

Layout Inspiration

I love seeing layouts made from the templates, it's amazing how they are transformed into unique layouts in each one's own style. I have been 'collecting' a lot of these layouts that have been shared with me,  love to share some major inspirations!

Thank you to all the ladies for sharing, sorry I held onto to some of them for so long! :P

(Reply to comment on my last post, hsmom asked which app my dh uses on his android phoe to capture    his 365 phosos: The android app my dh uses is 365 photos - it does not present the view as well as my iphone app, but it's functional in terms of capturing the photo, tracking them by days on calendar, and being able to export for my scrapping use, so good enough!)

First up, a lovely scene of gift-giving by Anja Breuer
Here is an  amazing scene from the Netherlands, Grid Doerenkamp shares the story behind it: 
 In our village we started a new tradition last year: a crib-walk. Lots of families put a christmas crib outside their house or in the window. Some dedicated women put them all together on a list and made a nice route to walk past each of them. Last year we did three days with each  a two-hour-walk over the whole route! This year there will be even more cribs to be seen, ca. 130 families participate - us included, of course!  It's fun to see how different the cribs all are. Some are big, some tiny, some have only three figures and a cabin, some show a whole landscape with mountains and houses and even a train, some are made with dolls and some with Playmobil. It's really nice to see and I have photographed them all. Some of them are seen on my layout. The village in the background is our village where we live.
And the following are just so cute layouts by Kim, who also did the fabulous LOVE layout which I posted in last year's post here. Love the photos of her kids and how her layout focuses on them!

Karen Mathre does an amazing amount of layouts all the time of her family and so much that they do together:

and this sweetie-pie layout and the yummy one next are both by Marlyn Ramirez from the Philippines!
And here are some amazing layouts by Michelle Rice of her a Round the World trip via Russia, Mongolia and China!

Here's a cute 'scary' layout by Aimee Hernandez
Next is this lovely happy layout by Kathryn :)
And be charmed by this vacation layout by 'Be Charmed Photography'!
And then there are the always awesome layouts with awesome photos from Tawn  @Homemakin' Girl

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies for sharing these layouts with us!


  1. Yin. You make me feel like a rockstar :-). Thanks !!

  2. Grid Doerenkamp What layout is this? Thank you.

  3. Grid used template 247 - see side bar for link to this free template :)

  4. Did you know that you can search for Yin Templates on Flickr? There are 784 images uploaded there tagged with your templates!

  5. Aimee HernandezFebruary 03, 2012

    thank you for posting my work! :) I am really honored and thanks to your template..thank you for being an insipiration =) I really love your web site it is one of my favorite:) I am such a fan of your work:)



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