Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shutterfly Album Cover Templates

Just a short post mainly to share the Templates for the Album Covers for my 2010 Shutterfly Album as some has requested (scroll down). I just feel so good looking at all my albums, gives me every motivation to keep scrapping our days and memories! Recently I'm also very happy that I've started adding more pages that are loads of / completely journalling! Like this one I did after our General Elections a few weeks ago. This year's elections has been described as a 'watershed' election, with may Singaporeans going through a 'rite of passage' of sorts, as many of us plunuged into the politics of our country like we have never before. Because Singapore has been under one party rule since Independence, and in the past elections were mainly walkover affairs by the ruling party. This year, with much stronger opposition and their honest & well-articulated call for needed change, the voice of the people have been heard loud and clear. We've seen a lot of change in the past two weeks especially in the appointments of cabinet ministers and looks like a lot more change will come. Quite something for us, and definitely much to commit to the Lord in prayer, to many of us who have been praying, He has indeed been guiding the happenings in this period! Well, I captured my thoughts and reflections in a page, to go into my album, it's a new experience to have no photos, (more embellishments though) but so good to have these captured. Have you done any or many pages with no photos for your scrapbooks?
I have only completed two other layouts for our Shanghai trip, but I like them a lot!
This layout was probably on the second day after our arrival in Shanghai, where we went to visit a flea market of sorts. Full of old and antique trinkets, including Mao pins, Mao's little red book, and lots of other chinese knickknacks - very colorful and loads of fun!
The next layout is of us milling around the Oriental Pearl Tower, a landmark of Shanghai, which has now been overtaken by many super sky-high scrappers around it, at the spanking new and impressive business and hotel area of JuJiaJui. What a bustling and huge place!

Ok, I've saved the templates I used for my 2010 album, for printing with Shutterfly, according to their dimensions for a 12X12 album. If you want to use it for 8X8 album, you'll need to adjust the size accordingly. Please review the dimensions on Shutterfly's Guides Here.

You can download them here - have fun with your albums! There was a question in comments as to how many pages are my albums, well mine are usually 70 to 100 pages. I did one that was more than 100 pages, which shutterfly does not support (not sure if they do now?) so I had that album printed by Blurb. You know, I'm so addicted to my albums now, can't wait to add to my collection! I even took advantage of shutterfly's recent 50% promotion to convert one of my previous 8x8s (2008 Album) to 12x12 - yay! As you can see from the picture, it is a good idea to 'label' your albums on the spines, so that when you get to having a lot of them, they can be easily identified. :)


  1. yay I'm first :P. Good idea of putting the title at the spine, especially when they are all so beautiful, can't differentiate which is which. Wish I have time to scrap :(. Miss the scrapping days...sigh.Love your 2 page LO as usual and thanks for the template. Am keeping my fingers crossed one of these days I can use all of them hahaha

  2. Wonderful, Yin! I have never done an all journaling page. I love seeing your albums on your shelf! Can you imagine how much space that would take up if you had printed each page individually and then put them in traditional scrapbook albums? Photobooks are awesome! I'm planning to print my first one at the end of this year. Thank you so much for the cover template! I know you said you love the 12x12 size now, but do you find it cumbersome to hold and turn the pages? I'm having a hard time deciding whether to do 12x12 or 8x8. I think 8x8 would be easier to handle (especially for my boys), but I love seeing the pictures nice and big. So... I don't know yet. :)

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [26 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Thanks for sharing, Yin. Isn't Shutterfly the best? I love all the promotions they run and it looks like you do too! Your projects came out beautifully! Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Thank you for your generosity. I am new to digital and it is slow going so haven't done many pages but have lots of your templates. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thanks a million!!! Love this

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    Thank you for your generosity! I've downloaded a couple of your past freebies and since we just got back from Disney with a million photos, I'm planning on making a SF album myself and I love how your LOs feature the photos. So now I've purchased several from your store to get me started! Thank you for all the inspiration and the templates!

  8. Thank you for the templates! I've always had a little trouble getting my spine just right. I've been without a computer for over a month so I'm so excited to get back to work on my digi scrapbooks. I've completed a few using mostly your templates (both free & purchased). I love how you add so many pictures because I love taking pictures!! Makes scrapping much easier...thanks!!

  9. Glad to find this blog! Thank you for templates. I am making a book for my granddaughter!
    Love from Holland!

  10. Hi, Yin. I use Shutterfly too but the site auto-crops my images into rectangular shape once I upload.

    I find it such a hassle to remove the auto-crop from the images one-by-one (by selecting "custom crop tool" for each image.)
    Do you have any shortcut or do you have to do this removal process too?

  11. thanks!! and hugs from colombia



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