Tuesday, January 20, 2009

About cameras

Just drop in to answer Susan who asked what camera I use.

Well, if you've been admiring my US trip photos, it was all taken on dh's Canon G7 - yes, most of the photos were taken by him, he likes to say that's at least half the reason my scrapbook pages are great, hehe. I have to admit a lot of what he does on the G7 I won't know how to do, although I complement a lot on photoshop!! lol

But he got me a Canon Ixus 801S last year, and I used that to take all the 2009 Project 365 photos, and I love it! I usually take with the flash off, and it turns out lovely.

We noticed though for our Japan trip photos taken with both our cameras, that the Ixus photos had a much warmer tone, not sure why, but I will need to harmonise the photos from both cameras on photoshop once I start scrapping them - which is not yet!! sigh.

Well, what cameras do you use? point and shoot like me?

I gotta run, hope to post more and some layouts this weekend. We're soooo busy spring cleaning and preparing for Chinese New Year starting with the reunion dinner this Sunday.

Have a great day everyone!

Oh Susan, you can email me at yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg


  1. I got a nikon D90 for Christmas this year and love it I honestly know 1/10ths of all the possibilities it carries but I will learn and grow with it.

  2. I have a Nikon N80 and a Nikon D70. The only reason I was able to upgrade when the D70's came out was due to the fact that all of my N80 lens worked with it already... so I didn't have to buy any lenses. Although, over time eventually I would love a couple of nicer lenses. But that's probably another year away at least.

    Our point and shoot is a Cannon. I hate to say it since I'm a big Nikon girl normally but I have been disappointed in the past with the Nikon point and shoots. So when we bought our first P&S it was the Cannon SD450 which recently we had to replace due to someone dropping ours and cracking the view screen. But we still replaced it with the Cannon SD1100is for only $150 and that was way before all the Christmas specials. And I still think hands down it beats the Nikon Point & Shoots at a much higher price any day.

    I too, still have so much to learn with my D70 that I don't think I'll outgrow anytime too soon.

    It's good to know that your dh helps with preserving the memories... and he is right his photos really make your pages work like they come together naturally for you.


  3. Hi ladies! First off, thank you, Yin for all of your beautiful templates! I love to see pages with so many pics on them!

    I use a Pentax K200. I refused to "go digital" until I got a digital SLR. I love it! (My husband doesn't like the harddrive space it takes up, though!). We also have a Pentax WP30 point & shoot. I don't like point & shoots but it is waterproof so that has advantages with the kids at the pool! I am a Pentax girl through and through. My film SLR was also a Pentax and I can use all the attachments with my digital. My brother still sometimes uses the Pentax that my dad bought probably 30 years ago!

  4. Thanks for the reply. I wanted to email some LO's I made with your templates. Love them! Right now I use a Kodak 812is. It's a good camera, but I'd love to "upgrade" to a dslr...I'm starting to think it's the only way to get better pictures indoors. :)

  5. Susan, check out the new Canon SX10 IS.
    I have decided that this is what I will be getting next. Experts reckon it is the closest you can get to an SLR. Has 10 megapixels 20 digital zoom, wide angle lens, by all account brilliant in low light ( which is why I need to upgrade), fast shutter speed and also HD video recording. I have seen a few short films made with this camera and they are totally amazing. Price is pretty good too if you hunt around online.

  6. Hi Yin,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful templates. I love them and your LayOuts are beautiful! I downloaded your freebies and couldn't help but download some at your store! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You are one talented person!

  7. Pan bought me a Canon Rebel birthday before last. I have really loved using it, but would love to get an external flash. Next on my list, LOL. I would like to get a point and shot just to carry in my purse for those impromptu moments.

  8. For my little go-everywhere point and shoot, I have a Canon G(. My other gear starts with the Canon XSi, plus lens and flash.

    And I LOVE your designs! Thank you for the templates!

  9. I got a nikon D90 as a replacement of the stolen nikon D50 :)...Gotta get 1 real quick since I'm kinda like a professional photographer taking photos for children. I love it to bits :)



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