Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mommy Days

Mommy days
Been getting both good and tough mommy days. The tough came by way of complaints from my son' teachers, three of them!! Normally I get upset but I realise it's better that we know the issues and are able to deal with it. We had a talk with him and he wrote a few apology letters. Hopefully he is able to improve his behaviour in school ... the teacher had been so kind to give him a chance to prove himself as group leader despite everything. Yes, that's the good - he was chosen as group leader and was given a badge - how proud he was! And we are so happy for him. I had to take a pic and commerate the occasion!

Credits: Paper, flower, arrow from August Collab kit at Style It Studio. Frame and alpha all by Sarah Robinsons at Style It Studio. Stamp from Peppermint Creative's Elementary Grammar kit. Paper dolls from MJB's Coleurs kit.Font was Echelon


  1. He reminds me so much of my son. Scamp was always in trouble, but it was because he was so smart and was getting bored. I have a feeling that may be part of your son's problems. I'm glad the teacher decided to keep him on as group leader. That may work wonders on his behavior issues.

  2. Sounds like my brother when he was younger. My mom would get so frustrated because the teachers were always on her case about his so called behavioral problems. I agree with Tink. He turned out to be way ahead of his classmates and was acting out because he was bored out of his gourd. I would gently suggest to the teachers that he always be kept busy with tasks that will keep him intellectually stimulated.



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