Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I scrapped!

I scrapped!!
Yeah, taking a break from designing, and look what I came up with using my Sapphire Seas and Castaway kits! Had to cheat and add the black backgroun though - it just goes so well with my sons' black top and hair. I always had a thought that for us Asians, because of our coloring, dark colored kits work best for my photos, it makes them pop!

Here's another updated layout of my younger one at the pool - I love this photo, he still had all his baby teeth then! Yes, this is the guy that made the little fish!

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  1. So nice to read more about you and your dearlings. I think that when you scrap them because of their skin coloring, I notice that you use rich and deep pure colors. That's because of the vibrancy of their hues. I agree that it is different to scrap when skin pigmentation enters the equation. I of course agree that strong colors also work for my family. We are African American, but with various skin tones. My youngest set of grands have Japanese coloring added into the equation. So I understand what work for others, may not necessarily work for us. That also includes the presets in the various programs. (I have better results using PSPX preset rather than PSE to remove faulty jpeg and coloring defects in my photos. I also use levels in PSE and it works much better.) So continue in the same fashion in your choices of colors for your beautiful layouts. It definitely works. So nice to have this visit and talk with you. HUGS!!!



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