Monday, August 06, 2007

Gigantic Difference

Thank you so much!!

But first I'm excited about this so I want to ask what you think of this quote? I saw it in an issue of Real Simple yesterday and immediately had to put one of my photos to it. No time to even properly scrap it! And to think, Marlene Dietrich said it! It's a wonderful reminder to me that the Lord blesses us richly in many ways!

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And back to thanking all of you! Thank you so much for your wonderful, kind, lovely comments and well-wishes, I'm so blessed by them! Some of you are special ladies I know from GDS but some of you are total strangers and all of you stopped by to leave a kind word - how wonderful is that? This digi-community is a blessing indeed. Thank you! Please keep in touch with me at GDS or at my blog!

Since I've stopped designing, I've completed "cataloging" all my digi-kits (I print out previews) that I've accumulated over the past year, bought and free - as I've mentioned the amount of stuff shared out there is fantastic, and I intend to chip in from time to time too!

And here's one layout I just completed: some of our many beach photos - I think we are beach bums!! Do any of you have the same feeling as me, that regardless what expensive far flung holiday we might be able to bring our children to, they seem to enjoy the simple pleasures of the beach the most? The children have much to teach us about contentment!It's based on SimplySarah's template - isn't she great? you can get to her blog from here: And that fantastic paper is from Laura Reid's Create Wings - unbelievably beautiful - get them at ScrapArtist.

And now, here's the last freebie I will put up at GDS as a designer, another mini-elements kit I prepared for the previous daily download program, but never put in the store, it's up at GDS. You'll need to log into GDS, the link to the post where you can get the attached file is right here:

Lots of other fabulous stuff in the same forum area from the other designers too! And don't forget my Saying-Goodbye sale is still on till 15 August - everything at 60% off! Here's the link to my store:

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  1. Thank you so much. I have been looking for something like this to use in a shadowbox.

  2. Thank you for your comment at my blog and the things you make are great!!!

  3. Hi Sweety...thanks for stopping by at my blog...I will post your freebie your gorgeous...Hugs Silvia

  4. Sad to see you take a step backwards on design but I'm glad you will not be leaving completely. I understand how you feel - I would never take on a formal design position for the same reasons. It is good to hear that you are listening to that small still voice and obeying Him. I will spotlight your site on DigiFree today and hope that lots of people drop by to say goodbye. Your blog will remain on my system to keep looking for the things you create for sharing - I'm sure we will all love whatever you do. Take care of yourself & those gorgeous young men you are raising!


  5. I was just introduced to you and your design a few weeks ago when I joined GDS ... you have such a unique style and talent and I'm wishing I had found you and GDS sooner! I just went on a spending frenzy in your store ... your boys are such handsome fellas, enjoy having more free time with them!!! Best of luck to you!



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