Sunday, August 19, 2007

My first CT

My first CT!!
Yes, I got on my first CT! I never did have a CT when I was a designer, because there was such a great bunch of GDS site supreme team doing our layouts, but now I'm on the other side, and I know it's just gonna be fun!

I'm on lovely Sarah Robinson's CT. She's just started a cool new store called Style it Studio, and I'm one of the Stylin Sisters! How cool is that!

Here's my first layout with her stuff, don't you just love those frames??? I find them funky and fun, just perfect for my boys' layout, not too sweety pie, yet not too grunge or punk (I'm sure I'll have enough of those when they are teens), and they do go so well with Sarah's Alpha and Paper sets! Here's the link to go to Style it Studio.
Journaling reads:
In this picture you just had your spectacles for maybe a few months. You were only five when we discovered that you had astigmatism of 300 degrees in both eyes!! They told us it was there probably from birth and you had gotten so used to blurred vision you did not know the world any other way! Besides the guilt we felt for not knowing earlier, we felt sorry that you had to wear the glasses every hour of the waking day and you were only five! But as you can see here, you took to them wonderfully, the world must have seemed suddenly clearer and better, you didn’t want to take them off! You even looked cute in them, and we‘re glad you get on so well with your new lifelong friend.


  1. Hi Yin! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. The kit my intrested in is the Brown Paper Packages(Full Kit)

  2. Great page! I love the glasses too! He is such a cutie! I went and purchased the bundle of those alphabets by Sarah Robinson - I LOVE THEM! thank you for putting that on the blog!

  3. What a great layout. And a perfect picture. I am glad I found a link to you from IkeaGoddess. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and your great freebies. Thank you.

  4. What a sweet LO! CUTE glasses for a CUTE boy!



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