Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Japan Trip Layouts

It's been a while, but I am finally completed some double pages of our last year's trip to Japan!
For some reason, I've been playing with physical scrapbooking recently, isn't that interesting? It's probably direct result of being in the Ali Edwards' Craft your Story facebook group, and the 30Days of Lists group. So much inspiration!

So for this trip album, I decided to approach it differently, in a more linear, grid style, with highlights, title and journaling on the left page, and more photos on the right. And embellishments as desired :)
I'm very happy with how they turned out!

The inspiration for this style was from the Day in the life pages I did in June, inspired by the Ali Edwards community. You can try the free template in the blog post here

For the DITL I used Ali Edwards' Everyday Boxes and WhoWhatWhereWhy Boxes which were perfect!

I also have her FamilySentiment boxes and SummerPassport ones 

Ali has a lot more in her shop! They were what I needed to get on with the new theme I have planned for the Japan album.
Here's a close look at each of the pages and the first days of our trip :)

This was the first evening upon our arrival in Tokyo. It was such a thrill! We went straight for a genuine bowl of ramen in a tiny joint and then to the Evangelion store the boys had been looking forward to. We are in Japan!

The next morning we made our way to Yokohama. We had never been here before. The morning was just spent walking around this lovely city on a bright and lovely day. The pier area was amazing. I do love the start of a holiday with my family!
The title and journaling and one or two key photos is presented on the left side of the double page.

 And on the right is the grid for the rest of the photos, with space for word art such as Ali Edwards' fabulous ones!

My impression of this coastal city is the wide expanse and broad sidewalks, so good to wander around, checked out the chinatown, the museum of technology, and we also went to the Cosmo World!
You can see on the left side I layered more embellishments to go with the selected enlarged photos being highlighted.

The Cup Noodles museum is a must-do as the boys love cup noodles! It was so much fun 'making' our own custom cup of noodles!

All that on the first day in Japan! I am always so happy to scrap and relive our trips. Each day an adventure. Stay tuned for Day 2 soon!
Templates in the store!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Midori Travelers' Notebook - London Travel Journal

London travel journal

We traveled in June to London and I brought along a new blank Midori Travelers' Notebook insert to journal on the go. We've always journaled on each trip, I have many notebooks from many trips. I will then make Project Life pages and Digital Photobooks to record the trips. I talked about all of these in two posts which you can find here:

Since last December, I have fallen for the MTN trend and I loved that the same notebook I used to journal on the trip is going to be my memory keeping minibook! The fun is coming home and adding photos and bits and pieces collected on the trip plus embellishments to make it a fantastic journal of the trip!

The Process
I had journaled on the trip intentionally leaving blank spaces here and there where I will be adding photos, brochures, memorabilia, etc. 

Once we are home I selected photos (about 3 to 5 photos for each double page spread), depending on the space I had, using the templates I made for our last trip. (get to the templates in this post). They are for printing on A4 size paper. Because I use a kraft paper notebook, the white border for each photo helps to give defition

For the Cover, I kept it simple and to the same theme as my Japan notebook. Just strips of paper and washi with simple wooden alpha stamp that I have had for ages. 
I am excited imagining  many of these notebooks in the years to come!!
travel journal

Then I used some of Ali Edwards' digital stamps (Summer passport stamps and Travel Messy circles), recolored them in photoshop, added pattern overlay to get the gold foil effect), printed and cut them out.

And then got going with sticker, glue tape and stapler! Here's the first page

I had kept the first few pages blank, so here's where I wrote highlights of the trip

And added an itinerary

And here's Day 1

Love how the Ali Edwards' digital stamps added color and a pop to the pages. I re-colored the stamps to match the colors on each page.
Also added maps and pieces cut from brochures 

The Henry VIII card is our Historic Palaces Membership card

Project life cards can be added too, they are the perfect size :)
We got to see the fly past on Trooping the Colors!

Here are some of the other pages, I filled up the entire notebook, adding tube map and London map at the back too, totally loved this record of my trip! 
Yin's London Travel journal

You might also like to check my other post of my Japan Traveler's Notebook, that started me on this trend!

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day in the Life - From where I stand edition

Day in the life layout, From where I stand

I jumped into Ali Edwards' Day In The Life party on 30 July. I wasn't planning to, but you just can't help it if you're in her Craft The Story facebook group - it was so infectious, and really fun to participate with everyone on the same day! Though the Australians and me in Singapore got to start a lot earlier than those in Europe and North America :)

I was inspired by Julie Love Gagen's 'From Where I Stand' album  -  Loved this angle (all photos taken looking down) and perspective for recording my day! Never tried this before, and since my teenagers do not like their photos taken this was perfect, lol!

aliedwards day in the life

As everyone else did, I set my phone alarm to ring every hour, to remind myself to take a photo,in case I forgot. I found that if I added my photos to my Momento app, it shows clearly the time the photos was taken - really neat!

It was fun with this vantage point, of looking down for my pictures, I started noticing what was below my feet, like when we found toadstools on our way home from the supermarket!

Today was different because we don't have youth ministry at church, one son had to go to school, and the other had friends (7 teenagers!) over to our home, so the hubs and I had chance to do our own thing. We took a cycling trip so had more outdoor photos than I normally would!

I was so excited I designed the template on Friday night, so that by Saturday evening I could just 'slot' my photos in and type out the journaling! Ali Edwards' Digital Brushes - Everyday Boxes were just perfect for these layouts!

These pages are 8.5 x 11 so that I can print them on my home printer (Canon MG5670) on A4 photo paper (I use Hp glossy paper). Then I simply added two puffy stickers from Seven Paper and call it done. So easy and so pleased to have a day in our life recorded!

Here's a closer look at the digital images.
aliedwards dayinthelife
aliedwards dayinthelife

Of course I'm sharing the digital templates for these two pages.
You can download them here. Have fun with them!

In case you are interested, I did another 8.5x11 format for Day in the Life in 2011, and you can find that page and the template on my blog post here.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Mini Beach Photo Book - My Krabi Album

Happy Weekend! I just completed a mini (12 layout) Beach trip album that I'm excited to share! You know, I really do love this hobby. The memory keeping part is the most important for me, but the creative part is such fun and so satisfying! Sometimes I wonder if I will become bored or lose the joy, but each time I pick up a new project and start creating I find it so enjoyable.

For this project I decided I will play with repetitive shapes and see if I can make layouts out of them. These are photos from our trip to Krabi, Thailand last year and I'd say I really like how they turned out :)
 You can see my journaling for this trip done in the Week in the Life (Vacation Edition) - in my project life album here
Repeating shapes is really pleasing to the eyes don't you think?
Just add some patterned paper to fill in some of the shaped spaces to keep the lines flowing 
Not forgetting a striking large title
 some word strips or word art
And a few little touches in contrasting colors to add interest
I used Ali Edwards' #AEDPinterestPassport for the title of two of the layouts
Also tried breaking up panoramic shots 
and one of my favorites, spreading the photo across waves  
Finally a full page photo adorned only with word art.
first page
last page
Now I only have to get the cover done!

Template to Share
And you can find the link to the template of this layout here, enjoy!

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