Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Experiences

New Experiences
I've got quite a few photos to scrap and I just realised that they are all about new experiences for my boys. How nice when you're young and there are so many new things to experience! We adults do get a bit jaded, and lovely experiences no longer seem as great when we've had too many of them. I am making a point to enjoy my daily life by seeing the lovely and great in them, today I will thank God for the warm sunshine when I'm putting up the laundry, and the lovely cakes we got for breakfast....

And oh! How can I forget? I do have a new experience, I received my first MP3 player, a Zen stone, from dh who won it at a company dinner lucky draw. He loaded in lots of lovely music for me, from inspiring christian songs, to some old classics, a few ballads, and some lovely cello cum guitar music. I've been using it a week now, on my commutes to and from work, and loving it!

Here's to new experiences and everyday joys.Journaling reads: You used to be too small to ride a kayak with dad. But look at you go this time! Doing the stroke, bending your body just like daddy does. Looking cool, going fast, such a great pair together, love to look at you, dudes.
Credits: By Sarah Robinson:Paper from her Tropical Fizz papersFrames from her Cutting Edge framesChenile BlossomsTotal color collection alphaOthers:Swirl from Weeds&Wildflowers' ReverieTeal bubble alpha from Scraphead's C. AbramTag from Ksharonk's Day trip kit


  1. What a wonderful layout. It won't be long until he will want to racing dad instead of riding with him. Cherish these moments as I know you will.

  2. So awesome with your dh and ds bonding as father and son share that precious time together. Love the photos as they reflect the love and adoration shared between the two. Wonderful bg paper and that flourish just adds that extra pop. Who says you can't put lovely elements or styles on male page layouts. As stated on earlier post, visiting from Hummie's blog. She really cited your for your wonderful template design and abilities. So Sweet of her so I just had to visit. Browsed your blog and your photoshots are perfect in every way. HUGS!!!

  3. You're going to LOVE your mp3 player. Hubby gave me a Zune last Christmas and I love it.

    Great LO!!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I loved this layout so much that I "scraplifted" it and used it as inspiration for one I did. I'm pretty proud of it and wanted to share:





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