Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Little Photographer

My little photographer
Writing the last post reminded me to scrap these pictures of my little photographer, Jared. When he has his camera with him, it's hard to catch a picture of his face. All we can get is him shooting us shooting him.. :) I say he takes after me while dh argues that it's from him. Can you tell we are very proud? Tink, I'm definitely going to take your advice to scrap his pictures into a journal with him, that will be such a terrific mother and son time!
Credits: Everything is this layout is from Style It Studio's October collab kit, to hit the stores on 1 Oct! Check it out here:


  1. Love the layout. I have so many of the princess taking pictures of me as I take them of her, LOL. By the way, I saw your layout in the October Simple Scrapbooks presents Digital Scrapbooking magazine. How cool is that.

  2. lol Cute. Hey, congrats on getting published!

  3. love the LO..yah, you should scrap or do a photobook of his photos..i'm sure it's nice, from a kids point of view. wonder what sort of pics they like to take



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