Saturday, September 17, 2016

Midori Travelers' Notebook - London Travel Journal

London travel journal

We traveled in June to London and I brought along a new blank Midori Travelers' Notebook insert to journal on the go. We've always journaled on each trip, I have many notebooks from many trips. I will then make Project Life pages and Digital Photobooks to record the trips. I talked about all of these in two posts which you can find here:

Since last December, I have fallen for the MTN trend and I loved that the same notebook I used to journal on the trip is going to be my memory keeping minibook! The fun is coming home and adding photos and bits and pieces collected on the trip plus embellishments to make it a fantastic journal of the trip!

The Process
I had journaled on the trip intentionally leaving blank spaces here and there where I will be adding photos, brochures, memorabilia, etc. 

Once we are home I selected photos (about 3 to 5 photos for each double page spread), depending on the space I had, using the templates I made for our last trip. (get to the templates in this post). They are for printing on A4 size paper. Because I use a kraft paper notebook, the white border for each photo helps to give defition

For the Cover, I kept it simple and to the same theme as my Japan notebook. Just strips of paper and washi with simple wooden alpha stamp that I have had for ages. 
I am excited imagining  many of these notebooks in the years to come!!
travel journal

Then I used some of Ali Edwards' digital stamps (Summer passport stamps and Travel Messy circles), recolored them in photoshop, added pattern overlay to get the gold foil effect), printed and cut them out.

And then got going with sticker, glue tape and stapler! Here's the first page

I had kept the first few pages blank, so here's where I wrote highlights of the trip

And added an itinerary

And here's Day 1

Love how the Ali Edwards' digital stamps added color and a pop to the pages. I re-colored the stamps to match the colors on each page.
Also added maps and pieces cut from brochures 

The Henry VIII card is our Historic Palaces Membership card

Project life cards can be added too, they are the perfect size :)
We got to see the fly past on Trooping the Colors!

Here are some of the other pages, I filled up the entire notebook, adding tube map and London map at the back too, totally loved this record of my trip! 
Yin's London Travel journal

You might also like to check my other post of my Japan Traveler's Notebook, that started me on this trend!


  1. This is a great idea. I love how the journal looks with the photos added.

    1. thanks Monica, it is a mini scrapbook!

  2. I've been a big fan of your work for a while now. I've resisted these traveler notebooks...until today! I just ordered one to see how it goes. How do you do your journaling? Do you write it in pencil first and then pen? What pens do you like? Please keep posting more inspiration!

    1. Awww, thanks Sara!
      I actually journaled on the trip, just in trains, or while waiting for our food etc, it was all in a rush and quite crooked if you look carefully! I wrote with a regular gel pen, it doesn't seep through the paper. But a Sharpie would.
      Have fun with your notebook!

  3. so nice as usual ! so sad I hadn't received the newsletter although subscribed with the link to the freebies :(

    1. Hi Vanessa, I'm sorry you didn't get the newsletter, can you email me with your email address? My email address is : yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg . I had some problems with some of the email addresses when email providers implemented checks against emails sent from yahoo domains. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

  4. Fantastic! I have a travelers notebook but haven't pulled it out yet. Still gathering inspiration (which I'm finding tons from you). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Susan. It's a great manageable size and very fun and satisfying!



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