Wednesday, September 30, 2015

August in Pictures

Yep, I talked it over with Oprah. 
Lol. Confession: photo taken at Madam Tussaud's Singapore in August. 

The whole of Sept I have been enjoying listing with the community doing the 30 Days of List Challenge. And the above is  just one of them. You can see all my lists if you follow my Instagram account yin_dgs. 

It's just so enjoyable and wonderful to take a bit of time daily to jot down a list that represents journaling of a part of me. It's interesting asking my family to chip in too. Like for the prompt 'How I stand out from the crowd' - Jared commented that 'but mummy you live in the middle' (as opposed to living on the edge) - He reads me well! I do tend to try to blend in rather than stand out! 

On a day to day basis, I  have taken to using Word Swag app to document them. These will probably be added to the album I'm building. For which I'm using templates sets 262 and 451 to turn into layouts like this:
The list reads:
Our Love Story
Raising our boys
Our stories of God's amazing Grace
Our shoe-string travel adventures
The Lord is our Shepherd
Working part time for 11 year in my banking career
Serving in the youth ministry

Have you thought about what your biography might include?

August Project Life Pages

Long days at work until recently meant I have only just completed my August pages. August was a full month. It was Singapore's SG 50 Jubilee celebrations. And my birthday too :)

First I started the month by updating the August card digitally. Find the download here if you are interested. 

In August DH's school had a Family Day where we could go visit, check out their brand new facilities and get a 'window into his everyday!'
He took me around with a Polaroid camera. And when we were done we went to one of the planned activities - Scrapbooking!!I got to complete a physical page on the spot with our Polaroids! I can't describe what a great morning that was. Here's the layout. 

I have so much fun making a physical page that I realised looked just like my digital ones, haha! Just for fun I decided to create it into a template  :)

Another highlight in August was the Singapore Symphony Orchestra concert we attended together, our first with the boys actually. It was one of their popular series playing music by Joe Hisaishi, mostly written for Ghibli films. 

Sadly a very dear friend of mine went home to the Lord in August. I printed the eulogy I wrote for her, and inserted it behind one of the cards as part of the way I am remembering her in my PL.

On my birthday because we had two free tickets we decided to make it a family outing with my mom and brother to Madam Tussauds. It was a really fun couple of hours!
There were  our political leaders, and local celebrities amongst the who's who. Even the boys who were grumbling before we went, admitted they enjoyed themselves.

August Half - Monthly Pages

And finally, two spreads that make up a photo a day for August. These are from my 365 template sets, #290. I'm still using graph paper as background, and have starting using borders to speed up the process. Black titles seem in vogue :)
Lots of everyday life here. Every bit makes me happy. And so thankful.

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