Friday, December 26, 2014

A gift for you - Pocket Scrapping Templates

Hope everyone had a beautiful and joyous Christmas!

We have been away for holidays in beautiful Taiwan, between that and work and Christmas, I have still managed to keep up our scrapbooking, but there are quite a bit of catch-up posts to be done!

Today I am sharing my November Project life pages, and the templates I used for some of them.I think they are cool - so packed them as a gift for anyone who might like them. Download links below.

On this first page I did a write-up summary for the month, added some anecdotes and interesting things said as well as favorite photos of my nephew helping my father in law in his wheelchair, and of me and my mom. I used DigitalDesignsEssentials' Photo Stamps Vol II on the photos.

Then an insert page - documenting that Ryan is finally home after a year living in hostel! We are so proud of him, taking everything in his stride, handling even difficult situations with calm, grace and maturity. What a cool head on his young shoulders! Then there was the week when I had a wisdom tooth removed, since I could not eat solid food, I went on a three days' juice fast. I loved the cold pressed juices! I did not experience any super immediate result except that even without coffee, I was more awake and alert than I normally am with 2 cups. And I didn't have any noticeable withdrawal effects either. So it 's all good for me.  If you have any other questions on my experience let me know!

The other side of the insert page joins with the right page documenting our niece's wedding in November! We have so many photos and I'm still in the artsy mode just loving all the black and white background papers ( that I used for artsy & quirky london pages) I decided to use some of my white matted photo templates for the 6x4 spaces.

I managed to get the boys to dress up for the dinner, and really liked these candid shots of ourselves as we rode the mirrored lift after the wedding. Love fun unplanned series of pics!

At the top of this page are the photos I captured of the bride as she walked down to get ready for the march-in. My absolute favorite photos of the day! I used Valorie Wibben's Queen of hearts here. Also took a photo of the wishes we wrote to the new couple in the wedding card. A beautiful day!

And a final page capturing the amazing art that we loved at the Affordable Art Fair that we had a chance to attend. It was our first time and we thoroughly enjoyed it. So many styles and forms of art from all over the world at one place - a perfect evening!

So here are the templates to share:
This set of 3 are saved as 3 separate files and can be used individually or in a row like I did here.

If you are using them in a series like I did, and where there are elements that spread across the 3 pockets like the hearts in mine, you can try to line them up by arranging the 3 templates windows in photoshop like I did below. Then I just eye balled it to make them line up, it does not have to be precise, it will look fine, fun even!

And for these two 4x6 pockets, 2 more separate photoshop files were used.

You can download all 5 templates here to play. Maybe you can use these to squeeze more Christmas photos into your Project Life! Have fun!


  1. je découvre tous ces merveilleux templates :Merci !

  2. Thank you so much for the templates!

  3. Wonderful Pocketbook and thanks for the Templates



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