Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blessed Christmas!

It is our heartfelt wish that you will know the joy and peace Jesus gives, the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

We were back home on the 18th, from our holiday in Hawaii! It was a grand, great, wonderful trip, we had a lot of time, to soak it in, go beach hopping, museum and historical sites visiting, shopping, surfing, hiking, snorkeling, and just hanging out as a family, 24x7, which to me, is the best and most important part of a family holiday. We are so thankful for this opportunity!

And this time, instead of bringing along a notebook for journaling, I brought along my Project Life 3x4 cards, and journaled everyday as we went along. This idea came from the Ali Edwards' Scrapbook on the Road class I took, and this was the most simplified form, just taking along PL cards! I planned to use one card per day, though somedays I spilled over to extra cards. This pic was taken midway on our holiday.
So when we got home, all I had to do was print a 4X6 photo for each day, (some days had 3 or 4 photos in one 4X6 collage), slot them all in, and I have captured the entire 17 days (including a day transiting in Korea) all in my PL! Oh how I love this concept!
Also added some captions/word art on the highlight photo for each day. Decided to make them available for download (see further down the post)
We loved the history of Hawaii, learnt so much that was so interesting and meaningful, including the culture of the people, the history of the Monarchy, Pearl Harbour and so much more. We had a chance to visit Doris Duke's Shangri La too, that was just amazing.
You might have noticed I have now started using the Cobalt edition of PL core kit, am loving the vibrant colors they match my photos so easily and well.
On this trip we were also so blest to have seen Humpback whales (while hiking to Makapu'u Point), turtles, and an octopus while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay!!
Having some space on the last page I added some memorabilia from the trip. Larger brochures and maps will be added to a large envelop insert to PL. This is something I can't do with my digital travel books! Of course I will still do up a digital photobook for the trip, but it is so wonderful to have scrapped highlights of the trip in my PL in record time :)

For those days where my journaling spilled over one 3x4 card, I stuck one card over another using scotch tape, so that the first card can be flipped up and read, and continues to the second card below.

And one more page of PL for the week just before we left for Hawaii: We spent a day hunting down light and fittings for our home renovation, as well as deciding on colors, tiles, and carpentry plans-phew! The next photos were all about the boys' time at our church youth camp. There's J sharing, and R serving in the AV team, they had a great time, and we are so glad and thankful they are growing in their own faith in the Lord!

Just two more weeks and our 2012 PL will be completed. What a year, and what a record of this year, lived!

Just found a great site at The Mommy Creative where lots of Project Life love and inspiration is shared! Linked my post up there too. So nice to share the love for recording everyday life. I find that I can't get tired of seeing everyone's pages and finding out about everyone's every lives! :)

Answers to a few great questions asked recently:
Rhadonda asked if 'double page layouts are printed out separately and put in page protectors and not in a book does it still look okay when a photo is split between two pages'?
Well, I have not done this myself, but would imagine that there will be a gap that takes getting used to, though the eye will likely draw the images together. The only examples I can find are those by Janet Philips in The Daily Digi - go here to take a look  Hers look great! I think as long as you avoid putting shots of faces in  the position that strides across the middle of a double page it should be okay. 

Toni asked: I have just printed an album in Australia with several of your double pages...However a lot of the photos and detail disappear into the spine where yours don't appear to ...My book was 12x12 72 pages so large but not extreme. Do you find that Shutterfly books open and lay flat even with a large number of pages?
No, Toni, Shutterfly books do not open and lay flat either. Have you read this 2009 post I did to share how I adjust my layouts to give extra margin in the middle of the double page before uploading to Shutterfly to print? (the link to that post is on the left side bar of my Store Blog). It is not a fool-proof method, but I have been using it consistently for my Shutterfly and even my one Blurb book, and it has helped to make sure not too much detail disappear into the spine. In that post I suggested 3/8ths of an inch of overlap though lately if my book is more than 70 pages, I have used 1/2 an inch of overlap and find that it helps a lot. 
Do let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer in my next post, or if you would like to, you can email me at yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg . Always glad to hear from you!

If you are interested, you can download these wordart HERE. They are in png files and should be in the right size for 4X6 PL cards. The fonts used were Aquiline, Bosshole, wm2_kamikaze. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  2. YOU were IN HAWAII?? How wonderful! My Dad was stationed on Oahu for two years in the 60's. My mom worked with the pediatric unit at the main hospital in Honolulu. Matter of fact, she was 5 months pregnant with me when they moved to Florida.

    Randy and I visited in 1992 toured Oahu and snorkeled in Hanauma Bay.

    I've been using the Cobalt PL all year...love the colors! I can't wait to show you my 365 layouts using your templates!! I've loved using them this year!

    I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. Happy, Happy New Year to my very favorite Singapore family...you are such a blessing! <3

  3. What a wonderful family holiday. I love how you travel as a family. So awesome. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Thanks for the word art. Looking forward to 2013!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your free templates. I'm really enjoying digital scrapping using them since I feel like you are doing the hard part for me :) You are so talented! Hope you and your family had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!


  5. I've been following Jessica @ The Mom Creative for a couple years now. This was my first year doing Project Life so I haven't linked up before, but maybe I will next year. Also, at our last scrapbooking day, my cousin Rhett wanted me to show him how to digi scrap. We came straight to you sight to download a free template and that is what he used to make his first page!

  6. What a great idea to document directly onto your PL cards - definitely going to try that on my next vacation.

    Thanks for your kind words - Happy 2013 to you and yours!

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love your idea to bring journaling cards along to get the pages documented so easily! And thanks for the word-art; love it!

  8. I always love looking @ your pgs and reading about your adventures. You were the first person that made me feel it was alright to fill my scrapbook pgs with tons of pictures instead of just 1 or 2. Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year. Jalyn

  9. That's clever, creating that 3x4 flip-up card!
    Ronnie xo



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