Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Life - Project Family Journal

credits: paper from Sahlin Studio 's Sweet story telling,date stamp from Cinzia designs, sticker labels and doodle word art from Karla Dudley, tabs by Shawna Clingerman, heart shapes by Chelle's Creations' Techno Love, 'Today' tag by Gina Cabrera, Ali Edward Word Art 'A Day in the Life'

Yes! Ali Edwards issued the invitation to join her in documenting A Day In the Life, and I thought "why not?"   I started really just documenting hour by hour what I was doing, keying into Evernote on my iphone. As I  recorded I was going, my, this is a very ordinary and routine day, is this going to be extremely boring? As the day went on, it became fun and I was noticing all the daily details, now I was glad the flow of a typical day for me is being recorded! But best of all was Ali's reminder to record feelings/observations/thanksgiving - I did this in red in the layout above, and I have found that this ordinary day is a very Good day. A God-blessed day! And thanksgiving flows. Also loved how Cecilia Madden put it  - read her post here.  I'm quite sure I want to do this again :) This page is 8.5 X 11 and will be going into my Project Life, yay!
By the way this layout is inspired by Jill Sprott's see here.

Credits: Paper from A whimsical heart by Genia Beana, quote by Sahlin Studio, date stamp by beszteri, alpha by Charlie's Degiscrap, numbers by Designs by Lili, camera by Pixel Works, and 'Now' tag by Miss Tina

The above is my P365 photos for the second half (fortnight) of January. It was Chinese New Year  on 23 Jan, so this period was a lot of spring-cleaning and then celebrations with family, relatives, and friends for lots of good food, and catching up, really hectic and great fun. This layout took under an hour using my Template 290 set, very happy with how this is going!

Made two more 12x12 layouts to be printed and included in my PL album: our annual Birthday Prayers for the boys, made into layouts. They are 13 and 15 now, when did this happen?
Credits: Paper by Kaye Winiecki, title mat by Dani Mogstad

I'm really enjoying Project 365 together with Project Life. The planning and thinking of a photo idea for a day really causes me to notice everything more, looking for the significant in a day, or finding the routine that I want to remember. Looking at the photos building up day by day really heightens the sense that the days and months are passing by so quickly, have to sieze the day, make them count! 

So I'm feeling that I want my Project Life to be a Project Family Journal. I want to capture not just  how we lived, but what we faced, what we prayed, how God might be speaking or guiding us, our thanksgivings, what touched us, stuff like that. Especially with two teenage boys, I've found that PL is a great conversation opener, where they might share what they are feeling, read what their parents' are writing or thinking about, or feel important about. 

Here are the PL pages for January. I'm totally up to date!

Memorabilia from when the boys attended youth church camp are included here, including letters & commitment they wrote to themselves & us,  prayers they wrote, flare badges, etc. Very meaningful. 

More pics from January, I only picked out those I have more story to tell, like this top right one of dh teaching Jared to tie his school tie, and the bottom rows of lego men all lined up, ready for battle, a familiar sight in my home :)

Here is a drawing Jared made when he visited the D'Orsay museum art exhibition at our local National Museum with his Art classmates.
The back page shows the pamphlet he took back from the exhibition.
The top left photo in the page below was the video we were watching of Ryan as a baby!! Every birthday (they share the party as their birthdays are only 4 days apart) it is a tradition to replay parts of their baby videos, we love it. More photo  and journaling too of Chinese New Year.

I'm completely caught up for 2012, but 2011 album is still being completed, I rushed out 8 more layouts recently:

This is Ryan: he is awesome!
We visited the Closing sale of Borders (sob) and bought all these books (yay)
Just one layout for Christmas!
With our favourite little toddler ...
The last of the Primary school carnivals for us ....
This amazing game that Jared created. Most of his friends play it and they have their own wikipedia-style web site!
A day we spent nearly heat-stroked, lost and just having a ridiculous adventure.
With one of my best friends 

All of these are available in template 293 set 

Feel free to download this template HERE and  capture a day in your life with it! :)


  1. wow, great layouts, Yin! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the fun freebie!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your layouts and the template! I really love your template designs!

  3. Yin! Firstly, I am flattered that you based the LO design on my layout. I love your version SO much! Secondly, your style is awesome! I am definitely adding your blog to my love list.

  4. As usual, perfect. Thank you !

  5. Hi Yin! I love your day in the life and fortnight layouts. You have been busy making lots of pages. They all look great. Can't believe the boys are both teenagers! Yikes! :)

  6. gong xi fatt chai...and happy valentine's day. As usual love your LO and can't wait to see your Beijing scrapbook page :)

  7. Thanks so much for the lovely template! :)

  8. Thanks for the template. Love your blog and enjoying your family. You have such great ideas. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible templates with us. You are amazing.

  10. Thank you so much. I have been searching for this kind of template for a while.

  11. I totally stole your plan for project life / P365. After finally assembling all my goodies (including your awesome templates) I started the project last week! The only difference is that I bought PL digital instead of the paper kit.

    I have finished my to-do list for today and I'm off to play catch up on my layouts! Thanks for all the rock!


  12. Thank you so much! Bless you for your generosity!

  13. Thank you so much for your templates. Your pages are beautiful and a real inspiration!

  14. Thanks for the freebie, Yin. It looks like you've been scrapping up a storm :) You have some gorgeous new pages.

  15. Thank you for the awesome template. I love your templates. Thanks

  16. I love looking at your layouts! Thanks for the template! :)

  17. Thank you for the wonderful template you are an inspiration.


  18. I squeeled with delight when I saw this template because it is JUST what I needed to document my 2012 Project... Think 1000 Gifts, Project 365, and my Gratitude Journal squished into one. Every day I have my three 'Smiles', their description with room for my Facebook Entry for the day or lyrics/Bibleverse/quote that encouraged me. The simple format is exactly what I needed to do this for the long haul but with enough room for creativty to keep it visually stimulating. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You can see my page here:

  19. I came over here through the DailyDigi site and got your new template. Thanks for the freebee! I was so excited to find that you actually had a store too, so I bought 15 more template sets! I have a great day planned out now due to your inspiration. YeeHawwww!

    I'm adding you to my list of blogs to read... Thanks again!



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