Sunday, July 04, 2010

Painted Papers used in my Layouts

Emily asked in comments where and which designers do I get my papers with beautiful painted and watercolor effects from, that is a great question, because I love them, and are always on a lookout for more. So far my favorites areby:
Gina Miller
Electic Designs by Gabi
Rachel Young
Emily Powers
Vera Lim
Let me know if you know of others, too!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I will be checking all of these designers out!

  2. Hello Yin,

    I was wondering if you would consider offering service where you create a book for someone or maybe a ready made book template
    (just like shutterfly offers) for customer to just add pictures.. I think a lot of people would buy it since you always do a good job on everything...

  3. thanks for sharing! I love Shabby miss jen designs and Weeds and Wildflowers too for papers

  4. Hi,
    I've been busy moving when you left your comment and I just saw your request. Would be honored if you show my layout about London with your template...
    Let me know if you need the file. I couldn't find your contact email ... Suzanne

  5. I love ksharonk designs for papers, and I love Michelle Coleman's rich colors.

    Thanks for the suggestions - and for all the templates you share!

  6. My favorite painted and art papers are from Cilenia Curtis at She's up and coming, and fabulous!



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