Saturday, August 01, 2009

Replies to some questions and comments

Forgot to respond yesterday! Here's my reply:

Masv asked how do you get the words to go around the pictures? - I use the Ellipse shape tool from the toolbox in PS CS2 (press shift-u until you get it) then select the paths icon on the top toolbar that pops out. You can now draw a circle path by holding the shift key and clicking and dragging out the shape. Once that's done switch to the type tool click on the circle path and you can type away! I've included the type path in the template 133 to make it easier for you!

Alessandra asked about how to use clipping mask in psp. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with psp, I do have a link in the post here to a psp tutorial, hope that helps. (Update: Linda has posted this in comments: "PSP users can find a great free script that acts like a clipping mask in this thread at DST: linked here It works great - I use it all the time!" (thanks so much, Linda!)

mother of 2 (thanks for your lovely words!) asked if I would be having a sale soon and if the earlier freebie templates will be in the store soon. Well, yes, as soon as I can find the time! :) Actually I was mentally planning to have a sale when I hit 150 templates, but that does not look like it would be in the near future at all, so let me try to make it within August. thanks for asking!

YGS asked if I would consider selling the action I use to make the photo frames/shadows - I'm sorry, I do not use actions, but make each frame/shadow from scratch! I did try to make an action for it, but it did not work because I wanted each shadow to have different angle / lift / size depending on where it was on the layout arrangement.

Just want to thank everyone for your lovely comments and feedback and questions, greatly appreciate them, you always make my day and keep me going!


  1. PSP users can find a great free script that acts like a clipping mask in this thread at DST: It works great - I use it all the time!

  2. Thanks Linda! I'll put the link in the post!

  3. Hi Yin, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love your templates - they're my favorites! Of course you can post the layout on your blog. It would be my pleasure... :)

    Cheers, Mickee

  4. Hi Yin! I love your blog. I created some los using your templates. Honestly can't figure it out how to send them to you (( I'm a digital scrapbooker and I would like to share with you some great information. I was attending free online classes at September: Free Photoshop, Photography, & Web Classes! All Adobe Creative Suite Worldwide!

  5. Yin,

    I used another of your lovely templates here:

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  6. Hello! I am so excited to have just found your blog and store! I have seen your templates used in the Shabby Shoppe gallery, but just today figured out where they were coming from! :) I have a question...

    How do the 2-page layouts look when printed? I'm assuming you would print them on two separate 12x12 pages to put in an album, but I'm wondering how that looks since some of the pictures are in the middle and would get cut in two.


  7. Hi again, Yin! I found some older posts where you explained about printing the 12x12 double page layouts, so please disregard my question in the last comment! :) Thanks so much!



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