Wednesday, April 08, 2009


How wonderful to hear from you all who are as blessed as me by the poem. Trac asked if I know who wrote it, I'm sorry I don't. My copy is printed from an email sent to me years ago by a wonderful colleague who has now gone to be with the Lord. But the blessing from that sharing continues! If anyone knows who wrote it, please let us know!

Someone also asked how I create my layouts. Well I always choose the pictures I want to use first and then adjust the sizes of each photo depending on whether I want to highlight some over others. Then I kind of play around, shifting them around until they look pleasing to the eye. And finally I tilt them around! No real method to the madness, lol! I do also keep some sketches in a notebook when ideas hit me. And I refer to it when nothing works on a particular layout. Yes it does happen to me too. :) When the photos are in place, I look for the background (the hardest part for me actually), and the elements, and then do the title and journaling, and I'm done!

How do you do your layouts?


  1. Thank you so much for answering my question and sharing your technique with us! I just always admire how every picture is placed so perfectly on your layouts and the way you place the accents so nicely :) I really LOVE your work!
    As for myself I am new to digiscrapping so I usuallly do my layouts with 'ready to use' templates. This way the template kind of "dictates" where to place the pictures. So for me the most challenging part is always to find the right template for the chosen set of pictures :) I guess I'll eventually end up creating my own templates ;) But you and your style are very inspirational and I use your templates a lot! Thank you!

  2. Hi Yin!

    I found this for you! Very interesting as one of the authors actually replied to this person's blog post and included the poem in it's entirety! (read the first reply!)

    Authors are Luke Easter and Dee Cheeks, 2006

    My method of creating layouts, which is also the way I design, is probably a little unconventional!

    I describe my method something like this: Where some artists are able to pick up a paintbrush with a visual in mind of what they wish to create on their canvas, I am the artist who throws some paint upon her canvas and works with it until something begins to take shape. I work it, work it and EVEN rework it until it is pleasing to my eyes!

    Yes, you may guess that I am NOT a speed scrapper!!! I actually nut up inside when thinking of attending a speed scrap! It is simply NOT me! LOL!

    Again I thank you for sharing your WONDERFUL templates as they will come in VERY handy for our numerous LARGE family gatherings, including this coming Easter!

    Have a LOVELY day Yin!

    Linda :)



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