Saturday, October 11, 2008

New link for Template 68 and some replies

And some replies to my wonderful blog friends:

Jazzmint, the F1 was great but tickets are rather expensive, if I get them for free I would definitely go next year! :)

Elnorac, you live so near by? It's a real pity and I don't think I would go to the US for a long time more .. :( ..but then over the internet all distances are short!

Thank you Melody and the others earlier who gave me the blog award! I'm very honored that you all visit my humble blog, I'm not much of a blogger but I do love sharing layouts :)

And to Chelsea, great suggestion, I will put in the preset guides in future templates. Actually I have not yet printed my US trip layouts with shutterfly yet, the only double page I've printed is the one of my trip to the beach, (see aug 16 2008post) where I experienced outer edges being cut off, that's when I realised shutterfly had these guides. I will be using the guides for printing them when i'm done, soon, and will definitely come back to tell how they worked.

For the shutterfly covers, I made a very successful cover (see post on 22 Oct 2007) where I used a textured solid color background. That helped the spine to blend in with the front and back covers without any obvious seam. And I did not have photos that crossed over from the front to the spine or to the back. Hope this idea helps!

Oh and I've completed two layouts and will be back with them soon!


  1. Yin - I have finally posted my LOs from last month using (once again) many of your templates. I hope you are happy to see them, I got warm fuzzies when I saw my background paper peeking out from behind the Disney LO.

    You asked about the LOs that seem more vertical or like 1/2 a page? Those for when I have just a few photos and I have the 8x11.5 page broken into two colums. I have advertisements on the bottom of the pages - if you want to see one of the newsletters here is a link

    Thanks for the latest template!

  2. Thanks again! You are a really great template designer and I love seeing your layouts. I acn't wait to get my book done and have it printed through Shutterfly. :)



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