Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some answers to comments and questions

Finally got down some instructions on printing, which I have had quite a few questions for, hope you understand what I'm saying, this is how I do it in photoshop.

To Jacinda who asked about the template for my 'Perfect Day' layout, it is in the store here.

And to Darlene who asked if I have thought about pricing the templates (in the store) as one large set for a specific price, thanks for the great idea, I will certainly do that, once I have completed my US album (that's the priority now), hopefully towards the end of November.

And to Mary, i'm sorry I'm not sure why your download decompression always fails, I would doubt it is due to your using a mac, but sorry am not techie enought to help!

And Melody, you can email your layouts to me at yindgs at yahoo dot com dot sg (sorry for spelling it out, I'm trying to avoid spam mail)

Thanks everyone for your patience, I'm working on more layouts and templates every chance I get! :)


  1. Hi Yin, I just wanted to mention, I am also on a Mac and have NOT had trouble downloading or decompressing.

  2. Ditto on the mac issue - I have no problems downloading your wonderful gits to us! Thanks.

  3. To Mary who was having problems decompressing files. I too am on a Mac and sometimes have problems with some files (not necessarily here). What I have found solves the problem is to just drop the file on Stuffit Expander and it opens like a charm rather than just double clicking on the file.

  4. Hi! Yin, I've just given you an award, see here

  5. hey seow yin, i've recommended your site to some of my friends who are interested in digital scrapbooking and they love it! I just think your creativity is awesome.

  6. separate not "seperate."

  7. Thanks so much for your wonderful templates and lovely inspirational pages!!! You have just made my life so much easier!!! I have been "scrap stuck" for a while so your templates are a most welcome gift!!! THANKS, Dawn

  8. First, thank you for all your wonderful freebies - you have amazing templates and I love being inspired buy your layouts.

    So, I am in the process of digi scrapping my son's baby book and wanted to ask if you have ever made your own front cover, back cover and spine for your books and had printed through Shutterfly? I made my own, but curious if you have tips as far as those items go for when it's time for me to upload and have the book printed? :)

    Also, I know Shutterfly has 12x12 page templates, but could you make a 24x12 (2-page) blank template for us for download with the Guide preset and gutter lines that you have had success printing with on Suhtterfly? :) Or maybe tell us how to make our own guide and gutter presets? I tried on my own, but was not very successful as I am still learning my way through Photoshop and digi scrapping as I go. :)

    Thank you much!!!

    ~Chelsea~ :)



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