Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bit of Blogging and Lots of Inspiration!

I've started 3 layouts but none are completed, so sorry, no template today! I need to focus on scrapping, so I tell myself the only templates that get out are from my own layouts. As you can see, I'm still scrapping my trip from last december!! LOL

One reason I'm slow in scrapping this week is that my dh did some scrapping! He's a teacher and had some photos of trips with his kids and I persuaded him to use one of my templates! Woo..can you tell I'm thrilled??

Been wanting to update my blog on the computing situation with my boys. If you have been reading the blog, you would know that we have huge tussles regarding computer gaming time. For a few months, dh and I resorted to removing the computer cable everyday before we left for work!! Finally 3 weeks ago, Jared asked, " If you never leave the cable in, how will you know whether we can now be trusted to keep to the rules?" So we tried, and true enough, the boys kept up with our rules, and we had not removed the cables ever since. I know for a few times, when I'm home later than usual, Jared checks on his Insaniquarium game and Ryan surfs, but they did not play the computer games, so we're quite thankful and really hope it keeps up!

And here are the inspiration. I do love seeing how the same templates can turn out so uniquely differently in each one's style.

Here are ones by Nikki, I love how she uses her photos as backgrounds. Of course, you need super photos like hers! Aren't her embellishing just beautiful?

Super cool layout by Livia, I must try black and white photos with colorful embellishments.

And have you ever seen Chicago like this? Veevs, awesome layout!

Isn't that fantastic eye candy? Thank you ladies sharing so much inspiration with us!


  1. Yin, doesn't it make you feel so awesome to see great layouts done with your templates?! I love your templates for scrapping most things because I usually have a lot of photos I want to include!
    I did a layout with some of the frames from your templates this weekend but didn't use the whole template. That was kind of fun, too! I'll definitely share it with you once I get them posted online, hopefully later today.
    Plus I totally understand only sharing templates from layouts you've completed... getting your scrapping done should be priority #1!
    You think it's bad that you're still scrapping your trip from December..... I haven't scrapped my trip to Greece & Turkey from May 2007! Ack!!!

    Love ya!

  2. I love seeing how everyone uses your templates, but I would really like to know which templates they used. I like to copy the samples into the template folders as great ideas to scraplift when I use your templates.

    You're doing an awesome job with these templates. I love your layouts as well.

  3. WOW, those are fabulous layouts all!

  4. Thank you to showing my page....what a surprise for me!!!! thanks!

    I love your templates ; -)))


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  6. Thank you so much for showing my layout too!! That is so nice of you! I love your templates!

  7. I can't wait for your next templates to be done. Thanks for posting my layouts- your templates make it all possible.

    I have a question for you... I have a few photos that I want to make really special by only scrapping one or two photos on a page-- you know how that is SO not my usual or preferred style-- but for these photos I want to make an exception. Only problem is, I can't imagine how to make only one or two photos look awesome on a page. Do you know of any inspirational websites or blogs that might give me a nudge in the right direction?

  8. Yin,
    As promised :)


    Thanks again for your awesome templates.

  9. Thanks for sharing the layouts! It's so cool to see the variety. I really enjoy seeing your DC layouts. It's neat to see a place I've been to several times through "first time" eyes.


  10. thanks for sharing my LO and those of others too they all bring a new perspactive to each template.

    working on your own LOs should deffinatly come first - but don't feel bad about how far behind you are - did you notice in my LO the pictures are from the summer of 2006 yeah i typed that right 2006 yikes 2 years behind wow and to think only 5 years ago i was completely caught up

  11. Awww...what a precious card, too!



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