Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter To Me

Easter to me
Happy Easter! On Easter I want to give thanks to our great God for reaching out to us when we are unable to reach Him. This morning at Easter Service in church I was so reminded of how utterly undeserving we are, or I am, of Jesus' work on the cross and His gift of salvation. I am so thankful for that first day more than twenty years ago when I first heard the gospel and believed, and for everyday that He walks with me, despite who I am. Praise be to our Lord!

Brag book for my mom
Made my first brag book for my mom on her birthday. It was a breeze and oh so beautiful because I used Ikea Goddess's quick pages that she offered for a challenge on Weeds & Wildflower a while ago, thanks Angie!! My boys are my mom's only grandchildren so you can imagine how much she loves to "brag" about them. I used some of their younger photos - they were just so cute, and also to see how much they have changed and grew.


  1. Great brag book and I am sure your Mom loved it!

    I hope your Easter was a very blessed one. We are just now heading to Church. It is good to be reminded how much God love us even though we do not deserve it, he loves us anyway :) Thanks

  2. I wish you and your family a happy Easter too. The brag book looks fab with your perfect photos, your boys are the cutest.

  3. As Brooke says, thanks for the reminder about how God loves us even when we're undeserving. Happy Easter to you too!

    CUte brag book page for your adoring Mum. :)

  4. Amen Yin! I totally agree with you. Easter to me is just about the CROSS!

  5. By now I am sure you had a very wonderful Easter day, filled with love and joy for your earthly and heavenly family. :)

    Your brag book is wonderful and one that I am sure will be loved and much used by your mother.

  6. Those brag book pages are the cutest! :)

  7. Your spot here is new to me, but I learned of your beautiful template designs thru a friend from Canada who uses them. Now I see that you love the Lord and know Christ personally, and that blesses me to the core! Christ alone, my friend! Thank you for being bold with your faith and generous with your artistic talents! :)



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