Saturday, December 09, 2006

Today's Reflection

Today i spent some time scrapping this picture - a rare one -
just my older son and me and he is hugging me! :)
How nice to have a photo with just you and me in it!. You've grown so much it's hard to have you all to myself these days. Where did my cute little chubby faced baby go?
Here. you say, gleefully pointing to your skinny self. Then you rub my tummy which you claim is the softest best pillow ever. And give me one of our nose rubs, and then you're off again, to your nine year old world. But i've proof once again, this is my chubby faced baby, and he's still mine.

Ever had one of those moments?

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, my gosh, yes I have had those moments. My boys are now 16, 20 and 24. My daughter is 22 and still hugs and kisses me...but for boys, it's rare. My 16-year-old gave me a kiss when I was napping on the couch the other day, and it just blew me away. These moments sure are worth treasuring!



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