Sunday, June 25, 2006


Today the kids (and i!) are trying to adjust to school reopening after 4 weeks' mid year break. It's more than tough! We're all doing some last minute "playing"!

Have completed two layouts, this first one, of my husband & son at a beach - with this quote , is to say how much i appreciate the influence he has on our sons. I might be the one who is more concerned with their school work and being polite, considerate, neat, tidy, and so on, he is the one who spends time with them exploring, wandering, wondering, playing, discovering, having fun, teaching them by example to have the curiosity for learning.

This one is my first try at blending photos using masks! Jared looked at the layout and asked, mommy, who are the other two boys!!! means i was successful?!! hee hee.

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